Community Feedback: ARAM

maybe blizz retained some sadists that take small pleasures in tormenting the forumites. Listen in enough to make a ‘positive’ change and then watch us eat eachother over things like the aram same-hero :person_shrugging:

It isn’t? Here I’ve been wasting my time saving up my shards to forge my “epic, exclusive and rare” MMR mount!


I like the way you think

I wish I could give your post more than one like

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Hey there!! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Just stopping by to provide some more community feedback.

I really have no idea if anyone at Blizz reviews game data on this game anymore (you know, like checking to see how many people disconnect during game, vs other periods of time), but the situation is just getting worse. I have concern that nobody at Blizz is monitoring or even aware of the issue at hand. Almost every game people are leaving…

There is/was a solid player base of ARAM players, but eventually people get fed up, and they leave for good. I don’t want to see the player base drop.

How do we fix this?

This new ARAM, or whatever is called, removes the possibility to choose between 3 DIFFERENT heroes, so there’re more chances that you will play with something you don’t like or know, because there is only 1 hero to choose from, instead of 3.

Not to mention that the idea of everyone having the same hero, makes every game dull, one-dimensional and plain boring, feels like a cripple fight most of the time.

I don’t like it, have no sense at all, but what can you expect from Blizzard at this point?

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You already have a fair amount of chance to play soneone you “don’t like”. So I see no point of “but it’s higher”. Actually, it’s higher if you dislike most, and less if you like most Heroes. But you queue into Aram knowing and accepting you might get something to don’t like. So it doesn’t matter. QM is the only mode where you can guarantee you won’t dislike your Hero.

All 10 Heroes the same means that everyone starts with exactly the same chance and truly only the skills of the individuals determine who wins. Getting on top of “your equal” is actually a tough and interesting obstacle.

Dunno what do you mean, but most ppl sofar like it. But feel free to voice your opinion with a vote:

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Look, if someone wants to chime in on “hey, I don’t like something” fine. However, what some of these posts are doing just ends up as “fake” reasons for rationalize scapegoating.

Instead of actually learning from an experience, it looks like you’re making up something else to just blame instead so this is a “whatever” now despite the name being the exact same.

Any activity is ‘boring’ when people don’t know what they’re doing. It is typically on the person to learn by doing instead of expecting to ‘like’ something by not having played it. Someone losing at checkers is probably going to say “it’s boring” to try to compensate for their lacking experience at knowing how they lost.

On a similar note, “sense” is what people interpret from interacting with something, not some intrinsic experience that bestows knowledge to someone by looking at shiny things. If something “doesn’t’ t make sense” it’s typically from the person missing information and connections because they aren’t putting the “sense” they have to observe patterns and make actionable predictions.

If people read over qm/surrender complaints, it’s going to be a lot of the same choice of words to voice the complaint, and it’s typically accompanied by players making the same mistakes in their gameplay. Instead of deviating from repetition, they keep doing the same thing and complain the experience is ‘boring’ because they didn’t succeed. “Oh boy, a KT is overpowered topic by a li-ming one-trick picking glass cannon…” type of circular conduct.

Cool, you don’t like it.

Others do, and there’s going to be some more particulars on why their gameplay is more enjoyable to the experience. Granted, a lot of common complaints are on select hero matches (eg. probius, lunara) but that’s from players that ‘make sense’ due to trying something, making observations, and figuring out that the ‘dimensionality’ comes from their effort, and not the lack of it.

Funny thing with the forums is people aren’t asking how to do better at hero ‘x’ or tips on doing better at same-hero matches. People live in a bubble, make some assumptions, and complain that things keep sucking when they refuse to change, or rather, something ‘changed’ and they won’t.

Till it changes, maybe people should try asking for tips and sharing experiences with others instead of joining the cycler conduct akin to the leavers sitting in leaver queue complaining that their leaver-games have leavers in them

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My guess is someone on the staff needed to turn in a story(assuming they are doing scrum/agile). This seemed like something to size as extra large, and then was a one liner. No one asked for it, and now they can claim the game is getting updates(besides those we’ve been getting for 2 years now on game open).

Why choose to be ignorant? Literally hundreds of ppl asked for it and when some made a poll, the Like:Dislike ratio was 3:1

Bro, reading too much into something that all requires is setting a boolean to true.

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