I will exit each game where there will be 5 same heros

Europe do be big

And it helps that we don’t all speak the same language because we can’t flame each other as hard when speaking Broken English

It just results in unintended Comedy Gold



Status: Normal

Status: Broken



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I understand you are only kidding, but I just wanted to challenge the notion that we all “like each other’s posts” because we are all friends on discord or in game, etc…

I’ll always be grateful that I stumbled across these forums, even in 2023, it’s a lovely community of people. Likewise, I never take for grated how generous people have been with advice and how patient and kind many have been with me over the years.

Well, that all sounds very soppy, but I hope you get what I mean.

Most of all, so many posters here play nice, and are smart and witty. I’ve enjoyed the sense of humor of folks like yourself. It’s a wonderful thing that someone far away can provide you with a laugh out loud moment, on what might be an otherwise cloudy day.


Most definitely. :sparkling_heart:


A better love-story than Twilight


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I keep coming out of all the games where there are 10 same heroes. Literally now there were 10 Novas - it was terrible. Whoever came up with this should only play such matches in the next world

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You get my like for your religious creativity


Most of them are just bait threads to start a fight.
People should just ignore threads that clearly want to bait you into a useless fight between one or more people.

If it was a real forum then this topic would have been shut down long time ago for having no purpose but to start fights and upset others.

So which game would you want to be stuck with for eternity ?


That’s right, Jimbo.

I sent your whole family to the Shadow Realm, where the only thing they do is play Heroes of the Storm all-random all-mid matches as the same hero.

[evil laughter]

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pls im begging, im literally begging on my knees ever since ARAM changed happened…

please i want to play 5v5 nova, sussy imposter nova among us
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there are no words to describe my disappointment in you

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you don’t like 15v15 nova? heresy


You’re right, and I’ve taken the bait far too often. I don’t understand why threads like Kara’s and the Level 100 club have been nuked, due to the poor action of others, yet the numerous “remove ARAM Mirror” spam threads just sit there and keep growing in number.

This thread is a positive example of an attempt to give genuine feedback regarding the recent changes to ARAM. I find it telling that the post count is the lowest in this thread compared to threads where people are making hyperbolic statements that they will “leave all mirror matches” or they are uninstalling Hots as this is “the worst patch ever.”

I main whitemane


30 v 30. They called 2 copies at once. I think I got a moral injury. Who will compensate me for it?

yes queen, pls don’t cast subjugation :skull::skull:

The other 45 novas in the backrooms will compensate for your injuries, 20$/hour take it or leave it.

Huniepop for eternity sounds nice

Solving puzzles and getting lucky with girls is what I often wish I could do in real life

Oh man, I miss the 5v5 Nova Heroes Brawl

Good times

i love one shotting people from Fog of War truly epitome of gaming and im not joking, it was funny