Butcher is beyond broken

Point and click. Boom. Hero deleted. No skill, no counterplay, nothing. All your opponent can do is pray their team bails them out.

As a master skill-level zagara main, I find butcher to be uncounterable in the hands of a competent player. Why? Because butcher has the most broken ability in the game. Ruthless Onslaught. It’s basically Illidan’s Hunt on a hero with much better damage, lifesteal, and health on a significantly shorter cooldown as a basic ability. Oh, and also baseline nexus blades with his Q, because that’s perfectly balanced.

The moment butcher presses E, his effectiveness ramps up to 11 and he destroys anything in his path. No counterplay. None. Unstoppable, charging faster and faster and then stunlocking the hero to death with nothing they can do.

Even if they manage to survive the initial stun, they will die to Lamb to the Slaughter, the single most OP ultimate in the game. Chain a hero in place, stop them from using any defensive abilities, make it so they can’t be cleansed.

Basically a perfectly guaranteed kill that cannot be dodged or cleansed.

His auto attack damage is absurd. From 0 meat it’s already extremely strong, and once quest is completed butcher can easily enter 700+ damage auto range with nearly 2 attack speed.

Tell me how this is fair. Tell me how this is balanced.

Not even blinds matter, because Butcher can still deal very respectable damage with his melee mage build, mage butch (Invigoration at 1, Cheap shot at 4, Savage Charge at 13). This easily deals 50% of a squishy’s health and completely negates any “counterplay” with blinds.

On top of that, Butcher even has the single highest HP of any assassin, even having more HP than most tanks. Tell me how this is balanced. How. I don’t see how you can even TRY to pretend butcher is fair.

Getting stacks is pitifully easy with any sort of waveclear for butcher to rotate with, easily ramping his autos up to the strongest in the game by level 10, with several ganks in between (which isn’t hard seeing as you can garuanteed kill most heroes with the stun + magebutch combo).

You see why butcher needs nerfed now? He is game-breaking with his insane power level and I assume he will be getting hit with a seriously major batch of nerfs next patch. Thank you


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Thanks Froggy, I’ll have nightmares now!


Butcher charges. BOOM everyone disconnets.


Welcome to any MOBA.

None of them are balanced. None of them ever will be. All of them are designed by human trash for human trash for the purposes of selling skins.

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Must be Sunday.

(Butcher is fine.)

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unless you personally spend hundreds/thousand of dollars on skins, you’re arguing a strawman that game-balance is skewed for the purpose of selling skins.

So if you don’t actually believe the thing you’re attacking, it makes it seem dubious that you keep posting that under the assumption that that is actually the case.

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They’re so cute! :3


Bro it takes only one knockback to stop him from doing anything post charge, team based game flying off your head.

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You’re right! He’s amazing. I recommend you stop doing anything and just play Butcher.

Youll thank me when your win rate approaches 100% because he’s that strong and there is nothing that anyone can do.

Sarcasm aside, the reason for your opinion is that you play Zagara. Butch counters zag very well especially considering she’s a solo laner with no friends to help her.

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Ppl, stop responding as if anything in the op is true, it’s copypaste, nothing in it is related to the @Op themselves!

read this b4, butcher really only shines in groups with no cc. Otherwise…just laugh as he slowly dies walking back to his team.

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Also, I know you just failed your pop psych class last semester, but you really have to stop randomly using “strawman” to ignore anything that proves you wrong.