Blizzard X Microsoft Collaboration Skins

When Microsoft agrees to help Blizzard, there are collaboration skins for some Heroes:

1. Marcus Fenix Tychus - Gears of War’s Fenix skin for Tychus based on a COG armor and a portable Troika minigun.
2. Master Chief Raynor - Halo’s Master Chief skin for Raynor mixed with a Terran Marine power armor with Spartan influence and has an assault rifle with a plasma bayonet when in close range.
3. Covenant Elite Artanis - Halo’s Covenant skin for Artanis with his dual-wield energy blades within his gauntlets and his outfit was mixed with Zealot armor with Elite references.

More collaboration skins for suggested Heroes will be added and updated in the future.

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Really Raynor as our Halo was going to sell a lot the crowd hallucinates in this character, the idea is super valid