Arctic7 Steel Series Mic works everywhere except HOTS

Hello ~!I purchsed Arctic 7 Steel series headphones to be able to play and talk or chat… the headphones work fine outside the game, i can even open the blizzard app and they work on the app. but i cant get my mic to be heard while im playing heroes of the storm and this has been the only reason for my purchase of those headphones, can you pls help me?

I am using a Machintosh
also currently there is no way to contact customer support neither open a tickets as the site loops around and never let you.

Hey, Loop! There’s been some issues with the microphone with Heroes of the Storm in the past and currently with Catalina.

This issue is primarily with the access permission for the microphone not prompting properly. These workarounds that may help prompt the permission:

  • Try forcing Windowed mode and see if the prompt may be appearing in the background when attempting to use the microphone.
  • Try going to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Microphone and allow access for Heroes.

If you are on MacOS Catalina, here’s the thread where a few users are helping each other out with some workarounds that are not supported by Blizzard due to some advance terminal commands needed.