ARAM Poll (reddit), keep same hero matches?

Head over and vote if you like or dislike same hero aram matches

But it’s reddit, not these forums or in-game or non-reddit users so the will be skewed. Wish I can get a poll here as well.

But I am certain reddit users want it because reddit is mostly meme people and all-same-hero-mirror matches is a meme match, so it’s only naturally reddit users want it.


I voted, now where do I claim my sticker?





If they keep them they at least need to reduce frequency. I hate them, and I know I am not alone cause every time people say “not this again” or “why are these so often” or something else of that nature.

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No, you get a cookie :cookie:

I know the poll is going be majority yes because its reddit. But maybe if there was a poll option in these forums, the majority may say no due to the amount of nays conversations in this forums.

Interesting enough, these forums are more vocal, IMO, about changes and gameplay whereas reddit is just memes and a culture of just going with the flow.


90% people say “No”, OK, then it will be “YES”. Democracy they pretend spreading lul.

Considering the ratio of agreement to disagreement it won’t be surprising for it end up with a majority being a yes.

It’s easy to see the forum always on a gloomy perspective but even reddit has that too.

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Maybe it would be mostly negative, who knows. But I don’t think it would be representative at all.
Like the forum is barely visited and populated. So it’s easier to cheat with burner accounts. Which are common here (the 0 post count “makes one post then most often disappears” folks) and you cannot be sure if they’re individuals or alts.

Also, since you posted your poll on both platforms, the forum folks and redditors are both present in the poll.
And the outcome is a big yes to SameHeroes.


15 people only clicked the link, also you need a reddit account to vote. Assuming all 15 people voted, which is 0.01% of the 1201 (at the time of writing this), this is hardly significant data.

That’s why you need to engage people in different mediums to gather primary sources

It’s not enough to just link one primary source to other sources, while the awareness is there, alot of people may not be able to vote or can be bothered to vote and create an account

Me posting that poll in reddit is only one source, these forums, email and in-game are other sources of information.

Or just log in with your google or apple account. Not saying that everyone has at least one, but it’s pretty rare to not.

Also, all those hypothetical ppl that might be unable to vote because they don’t have “reddit accounts” can just write here and then we can add them manually.

But does it matter if some ppl didn’t vote? Not really. Since forum-folks or ppl who “cannot vote on reddit” are not different from redditors. Those groups can either vote yes or no, but the tendency indicates that the naysayers will never be the majority.

I’m surprised the number is that high, it will increase as many infrequent posters probably read the forums once in a blue, blue, moon.

I wish they would remove the in game survey questions we have and repurpose them for changes such were made to ARAM. It wouldn’t be perfect, as if the poll was conducted for even a month, you would have people come to the forums and complain they hadn’t logged in during that period, but it would be more representative of the player base. I think the majority of players don’t use these forums or the Sub Reddit.

It would also have the benefit of getting rid of those redundant questions that always seem to pop up (confirmation bias) when you stomped or got stomped in record time, “How fair was that match?”

why would you create reddit poll then? do it on any other anon platform where you don’t need an account and post link here

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Mate, look at stats, Devs know reddit is the go to place for discussion, they rarely come to these forums anymore

The link I made here, 17 people clicked the link and you think 17 is significant data?

You think if I made a poll from a third party website then link it here, it will get more votes? Again, 17 people is not a huge sample size and me creating a separate link for Blizzard forums is worthless data, unless the poll is directly done in the thread like the reddit one.

There is no poll option in these threads, and I am there will be more voting if there was a direct poll in this thread.

Stats, stats, stats… people are lazy and the less clicks, the more people are inclined to vote

Same answer as above, people don’t want to sign in google or facebook just to vote or create a new account to do X Y Z, I prob wouldn’t myself if I didn’t have a reddit account.

Same for twitter, I can’t be bothered creating an account for twitter cause when you sign in, you have to go through username set up etc… it’s annoying

Never said anything about people not voting, the overall poll is to get a feel.

You say naysayers will never be the majority as if it were a fact… again, you and I don’t know that for a fact, that’s why focus groups exist, thats why polls exist, thats why forums exist, thats why meetings exist… hell, thats why democracy exist.

You quote little things in my thread which agrees or writes your side of the agenda.

I wrote “Me posting that poll in reddit is only one source, these forums, email and in-game are other sources of information.”

You don’t know for a fact that these forums, e-mail comms and in-game surveys may or may not agree with the change.

All we know is that reddit users majority said yes and the people that wrote a reply majority said no or gave an alternative option.

If you understand how marketing data works, then you should understand reddit is not the holy grail of opinions.

They’re not that smart and even if they did, they would just collect the data and do nothing with it.

This 5 star rating to the questions was stupid in the first place, rating it from 5 stars is very broad and the fact the questions are open ended questions with players having no say on what went on in the match to give devs an understanding of the behaviours of that player is just redundant.


like if I had 2000 respondants and the average rating is 3.5 stars to the question “how fair was the match?” …seriously… WTF does that tell me? NOTHING… its a waste of resources and player opinion data…

My god…

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The worst offender IMO is “How effective is the reporting system in Heroes of the Storm.”

Rating it one star could just as easily mean you think it’s bad because you think it doesn’t punish anyone, or alternatively you could give it a one star because you think it’s too punishing/flawed.

As you said, I’m not sure if they ever used that data for anything, those questions, to me at least, always felt like a placebo for players to give the impression we were listened to.

Just in case that’s misinterpreted, I know the Devs listened to here and Reddit, but I doubt those in game questions influenced any of their decisions.

that’s not what I am trying to say. My point is you created a reddit poll only to say it’s invalid data due to reddit

make third party poll → only 17 people → useless data
make reddit poll → you already know the result → useless data

so why bother?

PS: mby I misunderstood your message and you don’t mean reddit poll is invalid, in this case please correct me

I can click on it an hour ago and push the number up for each device & browser I use, and then do so again now, and again later. It’s wasn’t “15 people” that clicked the link :frowning:

While people will gripe at reddit for being a “hive mind” or say “they won’t decry blizzard” those tend to be uninformed opinions that are just unhappy they didn’t get what “they want” and see a projected opposite of that as bad and overgeneralize the rest.

A poll with options, especially only two, may not demonstrate what people ‘want’ but only indicate, of the two, which they may prefer. There are comments on the topic and the opinions are likely more nuanced than some people are willing to consider.

One of the more available case-studies on poll-data and marketing is the 1985 “New Coke”. It is one thing to ask people a preference, it is another thing to compare that to what people ‘want’. Consumers did not want coke to be replaced by a product sweeter than pepsi. 77 days after nationwide release, Coca-coca reverted the change and the cans have had “original” or “classic” added to the labels since. (despite not putting the not-so-secret incredient back into the formula :shushing_face: )

If an option is set of “have thing” or “take thing away” then the phrasing can be more influential than what actionable consequences may suggest just from polling “opinions”.

So, why poll reddit?

  1. the initial change stemmed from a reddit topic with a dev asking for simple changes to the game, and several suggested re-enabling same-hero. Polling that group may help visualize/consolidate numbers to contrast against the initial suggestions. Even if the ‘majority’ are positive, that’s not the have-all be-all of poll information. “New Coke” was like a 90/10% split and the “10%” had the bigger impact.
  1. Comments exist. Of the two options, people are more likely to favor one, but they may suggest how the poll could be better, or more indicative of actionable information. Several comments suggest they want the mode refined rather than removed, but that isn’t an option on the poll.

If people are asked a preference, they act one way, but if they’re ‘forced’ into change, they act another, even if it is contrary to their stated ‘preference’


thanks for the info, very interesting study!

unfortunatelly that wasn’t my question. Let me rephrase it and forget the word reddit

What is the point of asking X if next post OP says they knew exactly what the answer to X would be, and that this answer is invalid (or not representative), and this was asked several times over past few weeks. Thats what bothering me.

*totally agree on comments exist part. Not sure we need 100 of the same topic all over again though, 1-2 mega threads should be enough

Some of those duplicate threads have been made by alt accounts, and people who haven’t used the forums and are coming here just to complain.

Despite the ubiquity of these “Remove Mirror Games from ARAM” threads, it’s rare for the OP to have more than one like, often none. I know these forums are low traffic, but if there really was as much dislike to this change as there are threads about it, the OP’s should be able to pull more than 2 max likes.

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I did. My point is, that reddit is not some kind of special group of some niche kind of HotS players. They are “average joes”. Just like the forums. Just like the ppl who could vote ingame or via direct email surveys. They’re not different from us.
Thus, asking the hots subreddit with its 388k followers is more than enough to get the jist of the playerbase’s take. And the gap between liked/disliked so pretty wide. Since anyone “not asked” could either be yay or nay, and enough ppl “were asked”, the extra yays or nays wouldn’t really change the outcome. Especially, sincs unhappy ppl are more eager to voice their opinions, than the happy ones.


Yes keep it.