About the OTHER imperius bug

Just so that people know and the bug IS NOT overlooked, whenever he Q’s and misses, it stuns him for about a second in an animation, can we get that fixed first and foremost? I can choose not to use the other bug but this just kills imperius for me.


This is actually not a bug, this is a design decision. Devs made this in a few patches ago.

another weird thing that’s working as intended? oh god… how many things that shouldn’t exist are being considered as “working as intended” in this game?


Lots of them :joy:


do they even care anymore? oh wait that question was answered long time ago… nevermind


Explointing a Bug or Glitch is reason for insta-perma Ban without any warning. If I could I would post my last QM, where one man could solo win the game by destroying forts and cores.

Though Blizzard might not care… time will tell.

Is the idea to provide counter play by punishing him for missing Q? It just annoys me that it can’t be used as an escape anymore.

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Not a few patches ago, THIS patch, not cool.


This was the “fix” that Blizzard gave to prevent Imperius from randomly-acquiring targets after his stun.

It is the fix to the random AA after landing Q.

Well that seems like less of a “design choice,” and more of just a workaround with unfortunate side effects. They need to find a different fix IMO.

Nope! It was an unintended byproduct of fixing another bug. It should be resolved in the balance patch coming today.


TY fam :smiley:
Also on a scale of 1-10 how funny was the other imperius bug?

Oh, that’s good then

Awesome! Thanks so much for working on him.

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3 month necro to talk about a bug that is no longer in the game…

You sir, are everything that is great about the internet! /s



he’s right though. imperius should have a small self-stun if he misses his Q.

Nice necro of a thread that has nothing to do about how Imperous performs ingame right now not 3 months ago

Take note of GrayEagle and LyrasVulture, might be the same account.

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Nah, Vulture is what you named accounts in 2016 when you wanted to get the Vulture mount fast. Thousands of Vulture smurfs grouped together to get lv10 fast and used it as an identifier to recognize each other.

(Nobody really recruited 4 friends to unlock the mount).
Unrelated to birds but rather the SC mount…

Also, the “suggested topics” box down below is probably to blame for a lot of these necroes. It sometimes keeps suggesting topics that are even years old.