About the OTHER imperius bug

Highly doubtful.

The “eagle” account was made long before the “vulture” account.

Thats a bug ?
I thought it was an intentional design :sweat_smile:

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Actually it’s very common to take older accounts that aren’t used and appropriate them for forum “puppetry”. There are other patterns that are far more telling one way or the other.

If the account was made but didn’t post initially, sure.

But it’w initial posting before going silent long before the other went active doesn’t fit.

Like; I had a 6-9 month “gap” where I barely played HotS. But you’re talking here 1.5+ years.

Only 29 posts, if it was hundreds of posts, sure, but 29 is less than many throw-away accounts.

It makes it seem even more likely now, taking an old account that you don’t use but have access to.

Can we not necro my thread?


Goes to forum posts there, engaged For a few months, left for well over a year: came back with a new account?

Also have you read their posts of old?

i’m not the eagle poster, mr. detective. many people think imperius is busted.

I did, nothing stood out, and people make new accounts all the time. I think you’re focusing way too much on this when all of it is easily explained. Just watch for multi-account behaviors, if we see none then it’s probably two different persons.

It was initially!
Because the alternative Was why happened when they changed it’s behavior.

They had to refactor the ability to fix the bug. Well, QA mentioned refactoring. Dunno if they found another solution.

Yes, let’s use two accounts and have different options on multiple things all so that I can agree on one specific topic.

I will necro one when you not expect it :face_with_monocle:

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Options? Do you mean opinions? And no I don’t see anything of note there, except the recent resurgence.

Anyways, this isn’t getting us anywhere. Just watch for multi-account behavior.

Hello, I would like to see the replay out of curiosity. Still you have it?

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So many necro threads…