Imperious Q CC's himselfs due to bad animation

I think the OP just has poor english skills. He appears to be saying that the ability isn’t worth having such a “self-stunning” downside, which is certainly up for debate. Personally I think the possibility of stunning multiple enemies at once deserves a hefty penalty for missing.


I do not disagree but then it does not behave like your typicall straight dash attack and it does not guarantees an AA afterwards to benefit from its mark or talents.
It then looks like a double negative.
Old impaling light made it a much more pleasant ability if you made the triple skewer.

It’s not different though. It’s a design decision Blizzard made in order to ensure the full animation is played and not interrupted. They do that with certain abilities that are very powerful, including Imperius’ spear thrust. Just as Deathwing is balanced around his animations, so is Imperius.

Yes, I understand it’s annoying. No, I don’t think it needs to be changed. Just as with Deathwing, the player has to take a chance when he uses that ability and make his choices about when to use it or not.

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It would be nice if imperius was not so dependant on landing Qs unlike DW.

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The self-“stun” (you can still use some of your abilities) on his Q is a design choice and not some side effects from the animation.

Missing Q is meh, true, but that’s true to every skillshot, and if you miss Q, at least you didn’t selfstun yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’d be nice of Leoric wasn’t dependent on landing his Drain Hope. Blizzard has quite a few heroes that really depend on landing particular combos or skill shots to be useful in the game, but that’s a different topic for a different thread, no?

Fair enough but i can’t get past the idea that he had a good talent that was changed in a more bland one for little reason.

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that’s not true cause not ever skill shot CC’s your own hero though in fact most don’t, especially .75secs.

I’d say it’s split fairly even. Some self root some dont.

I can think of quite a few that self root.

he already has a hefty penalty for stunning heroes he stuns himself, i think the OP should know the game first before commenting on nothing.

It irks me because his Q was initially sold as a mobility tool as well, you can use it to jump away or even if you whiff it it’s a good gap closer.
While he’s still strong without it navigating fights is a little rougher now.

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After playing him in the new patch I realise now what you truly meant.
It is still not the side effect of the animation itself, it was a “fix” for his Q bug when he misses and AA. But this selfstun without stunning anyone else is really bugging.
I hope it’ll be fixed.

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wrong it wasn’t a choice it was fixed this patch! it was due to another bug issue.

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what are you talking about. he still stands still and holds his spear out doing nothing like a doofus if you miss.

No, it cancels immediately and you can just walk away or do whatever you want. I tested it already.

well in that case ya’ll should thank blizzard for the buff, not bug fix.

It was a bug fix. Devs came here yesterday saying that the old bug fix to his Q not properly attacking the targets actually created another bug, which was him standing still for a while when missing Q. Now they fixed everything and the ability is working as intended from his release.

I am kind of out of the loop, what is this Imperius bug? Also Imperius can CC himself?

OK, that is actually pretty funny.

I didn’t see no dev post.

Here ya go: