57.000 seconds waiting time. EU server. SL


Same here for several days now. Always waited for 4000 seconds, then quit demotivated.


Solution for this trouble: you need to find someone (in global chat for example) to play a couple of matches (nearly 5) in group. Your ally need to be completed qualification matches (it’s the main thing), then matches will be found. No matter if matches win/lose, no matter your allies rank, you can play with different allies. After that leave group and long/infinite queue will dissapear and matches will be found solo again. GL


Nope, thats not the solution. Made at least 20 Games with different Players and still cannot enter the Storm League solo.


same issue for me 5000 sec waiting and no game. Cannot find any SL game (solo, group works sometimes) for 3 weeks now.

@blueguys: pls give us any hope. Tell us at least, that you took notice of the issue.

Edit: eu server btw


Same problem( for 7 days…


Hey everyone!

Thank you all for your reports! We are currently looking in to this issue. I’d like to encourage any new reports of this issue to post in this thread so we can investigate each report of this issue, all in one easy-to-find place.

Heroes Ranked Vs Heroes QM
4000sec search time in ranked monkaS

I have the same problem, I can play QM and brawl, but ranked keeps searching endlessly and I never get to a game. Any news about solving this problem?


Did you take a break from playing storm league for a while or are you a regular participant? I have a problem where the estimated search is a very high number but the game is found in a relatively short time.


I play all the time. The estimated search time is about 1-2 min. but reality is hours wihout a game found. Eventually I just cancel the search after several hours.


Hi. i have the same issue. About a week ago i played 2 games (with normal wait time about 2-3 mins) but then it happened - can’t find any game for thousands seconds - expected time is about 50-90 sec always… Tried already some days - no games was found…

Can't get a ranked match

my record time was 143.000 seconds waiting time and search was resetted
46 hours
i just can’t play at all
support says they dont know anything, when i create a ticket, and ask me to post at forum, but says “We can’t promise a reply”, lol
I posted about this bug in the EU and US Bugreport forum several times, and got 0 answers.
After this, i create a ticket. We try everything, including getting MSinfo, DXdiag and Win MTR test, deleting cache folder, reinstalling battle.net, turning on Secondary Logon Service, and using another account.
After all off the manipulations, support says they dont know how to fix this, and recommends me to post about it at forum.
I try to use LFT option ingame, but this is not a solution, rarely i can play with someone, not with each account, i invite into a group, and i still can’t play solo after i play about 20 games in a random party of different sizes.


same problem to much minutes

Storm league queue time

so, when something will be fixed? problem exist from the beginning of this season, minimum.
4 months people can’t play
people want to play, but they can’t


A group of people I know just reported to me that they can’t find games in Ranked due to 10000 seconds long queue times, no matter who they queue with. They mostly played using two Gold accounts to prepare them for boosting a single Diamond account. The win rate is 42-4 on both Gold accounts and they did 12-1 while playing with the Diamond. Now both the currently Gold 4 accounts have about 30 Personal Rank Adjustment. We then tried to queue with a Master account, two Gold accounts, a Silver account, an account in Placements and it found a game in about 5 minutes.


Also same issue but will never join game Eu servers

I have been unable to find a game in Ranked . Searching alone and with friends
it takes over 3h min and does not find game.

see screen shot here : https://twitter.com/wowalliancee/status/1137737835941900289

Please let me know I can provide more information.


same problem please fix it!
also reddit thread that I made about it: https://www.reddit.com/r/heroesofthestorm/comments/byjmd7/queue_time/



I may be a little optimistic about this but the ranked preseason is according to in-game display scheduled to end / start anew in a week, which might fix the problem entirely.

I still encourage everyone with the problem to give details about their play habits, and mention if they played with drastically “higher” accounts, or if they participated in group boosting of fresh accounts. These all could be factors to the issue which could mess up the matchmaker.


Same here Cant find a ranked gamel for two days


I correct myself, new season is delayed by two months as it stands. This keeps being a problem.


Same thing here.
New to Storm league (and ranked for that matter), but played one week wo problems. Possible causes: Had 20 game win streak and promotion game coming up when mm bailed out. No other irregularities I can fathom.