Who Dares Enter the Forbidden Library!?

Who Dares Enter the Forbidden Library!?

This limited-time event brings the permanent addition of Battleground Parties, a new solo experience, the return of Heroic Brawliseum, and more!

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nice we have heroic brawliseum back . last time i did 11 wins with even paladin

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What about the new game mode you promised, we’re gonna get it a month before the next expansion, when there’s that reveal cycle going on?


new brauliseum is a scam LOL look at the rewards


Yeah, what a rip off of prizes. Hahahaha hahaa. You should of straight up just asked, “can we please have 10 dollars?”


So what exactly is the reward curve for the $10 brawl?

You can see the rewards in the patch announcement.

Кто осмелится войти в Запретный ладдер!? пофиксил

В текущей отвратительнейшей ситуации приходится выпускать героик-бравл, чтобы заставить людей в основной режим. В идеале, это обновление должно быть поминками по ДХ, с удалением его в аллею вольного забвения! А лучше, его вместе с шоблой 1-2-3 сломанного нобрейн мусора, я извиняюсь, выпиздить ссаными тряпками из игры(деньгокачки).

Хуже текущей меты может быть только скрипт на меньшие вероятности подкручивающий всем 50% винрейт. Фу!

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Raza the Chained needs to be nerfed! Dominatig wild, such cancer


might as well just throw a bundle for $15 for 3 legendaries and move on :roll_eyes: this brawliseum always a negative :-1:


Yes, considering the risk, it’s not worth to use 1000 gold for it.


Nobody forces you to pay money (or gold) for it. Nobody forces you to play it.
This special brawl has been done a few times before. It was announced, the first time it ran, as being targeted to cater to the top players who feel confident that they can build and pilot decks towards very high win rates. The possible prizes are, if that confidence is warranted, insanely high.
Think of it as a high stakes poker table.

Previous times the Brawliseum ran, everyone got one free ticket. I have always used that to see how far I come, collected my packs (1 minimum even at three losses), and then returned to other game modes. I’m not good enough at poker to wager my money in a high stakes game. And I’m not good enough at Hearthstone to wager my gold in this Brawliseum.


Have you looked at the prizes? Rip off! Nobody is making me buy it, duh. I’m giving my opinion of it. You should be honest when looking at what they are offering for your $10 or 1k gold. Not much. Horrible odds.


Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin by themselves aren’t a problem.

I have not given a rats … A… about battlegrounds since it came out. I just want the " !!!" pizza card back that you guys owe me ! You can deny it all you want and say you didn’t have technical glitches and that your GM’s can’t give card backs! I have EVERY monthly card back except that one well that one and maybe a few in the beginning but still … for years I have gotten every card back and that month there were PROBLEMS! I got my 5 wins in like I do every month but noooooo not according to your system!

u totaly right dude hs is al about the mony or u need to play allot allot like 16 hours a day hmm gets boring

This schedule is so boring and disappointing that I can’t even express my disappointment. Like, old seasonal events didn’t have a long schedule, but they had cool Tavern Brawls and really good rewards that encourage people to actually play the game. Now look at this, not only they reduced the amount of rewards, they introduce “bundles” to monetize the game. ActivisionBlizzard doesn’t care about the game and the community anymore. They only want to squeeze the money and life out of this game. And I had a little bit hope but now, I lost it. Quitting this game will be one of my greatest decisions in recent years.


LUL do not support these give me $10 for nothing practices

the thing is a useless cash grab targeting whales but it doesn’t do anything

u want better rewards? GO PLAY ARENA atleast there’s a tier’ed system and u get your money back after 6-7 wins this chart is TERRIBLE

0 wins 1 pack
1 win 2 packs
2 win 3 packs
3 win 4 packs
4 win 5 packs
5 win 6 packs
6 win 7 packs
7 win 8 packs
8 win 9 packs
9 wins 16 packs
10 wins 16 packs 1 golden legendary
11 wins 16 packs 2 golden legendary
12 wins 50 packs 3 golden legendary
U BREAK EVEN AT 8 MY GOD that’s even harder than arena not only is it harder it’s UTTERLY TERRIBLE do NOT SUPPORT THESE PRACTICES utterly horrible


You also get dust/gold in the rewards, so you break even sooner than 8 wins (5 or 6 wins, depending on how much value you give to dust).

But if u get 12 wins u get the 50 packs . My best was 11