Welcome to the Year of the Hydra

Welcome to the Year of the Hydra

Come see our roadmap and plans for Hearthstone in 2022!

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I was first and I want to congratulate dear and respected Team 5 and all players with the new Year of the Hydra!!!

Million players from all world waited the announce day!!!

And today we have a special celebration!!!


Any chance we can get a legible picture of the roadmap?


While I oved the additions to the core set, I didn’t see the need to rotate out some that saw a bit of play like Lock and Load and Baron Rivendere. (Also, Reno will kick aggro out of the game)

Агрота сосать рено возвращается

Oh no… Brann Bronzebeard. Hope there’s some good disruption, otherwise there’s gonna be some busted combo decks. Probably even worse than the one’s we’ve been seeing for the past two expansions.

Plz dont take away my Scavenging Hyena. I do play whit it :sob:

you wish - i usually can do about 60-80 dmg per match on quest hunter and druid beast can do about 40+ per one turn. reno is just one more minute of being alive. if it is in your hand at all and costs 6 and not 11)

Hi Hydra!!!

That’s wild, in standard quest hunter can hardly go over 40 before it runs out of fuel.

Карты уходят в вольный. А собственно компенсация по пыли будет какая-то? :face_with_monocle:

It does not look like the Card Library has the new Core cards as was stated in the article.


The article states, " Any of the above cards that currently only exist as Core cards will enter the Legacy set when they rotate out of Core and will be craftable and playable in Wild." I’m trying to make a list of these. I’ve got Nordrassil Druid, Pursuit of Justice, Crimson Clergy, Enslaved Fel Lord, Ritual of Doom, Warsong Outrider, and War Cache. Did I miss any?

Make sure to check out the Card Library to see all the new entries into Core.

" The Year of the Hydra kicks all starts with the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City on April 12!" That sentence confused me for a little while. I think someone started writing “kicks off with the launch…” but then decided to stay “starts with the launch.” I’m not the grammar police, and my own grammar is aweful. But the sentence confused me.

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Please can @Blizzard confirm, do we keep the rotating core cards, or are they completely removed unless we owned them before?

If you want it after next Tuesday, you’ll have to craft it. I think rotating Core cards get sent to Legacy.

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So, the unofficial motto must be “hail hydra.”

We could have figured as much, based on everything going on of late, but making the year and animal/monster hydra was a bit on the nose.

Now all players will have a really amazing opportunity to get a Diamond Drek’Thar Legendary card, because they can buy it not only for real money, but also for game gold!!!

I think that it’s an excellent idea to sell some things also for game gold, because there could be different situations when players couldn’t buy something for real money, but they really want to get a thing in their collection!!! They will not be grieved and could spend earned gold for desired things!!!

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So, since year of the gryphon was a trash fest with stupid cards all over there, you are bringing back cards that were popular so you don’t design more stupid stuff ? It’s funny how you think that is good design

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