Welcome to the new forums!


Thank you very much! (●´ω`●)


older forums used to have the option to follow up on your own created topics… does the new forum have it? also, the activity function on the profile seems to not include any of my messages (or is it not meant to?)


Our posting history was reset with the new forum software (Discourse). So your Activity shows you only have one post.

You would have to go to the old battle.net forum to see your old posts.

Good bye Blizzard

Loving the new Hearthstone Discourse forums, the interface is intuitive and brings back fond memories at the same time.



good job, seems user friendly, 1 intake if i may, the report a bug part is a bit difficult to find, also hope blizzards customer support gets up to par, since i feel forum is not enough in some cases to get help you need, since i feel staff at customer support doesnt really want to help you, which is why i like forum, i find community very helpful, and am thankful to blizzard and the community, ty


Really like the forums, wish most games had something like this!


Really like the game but don’t like playing with rogue or hunter. Since this new expansion pack only allows the hunter and rogue to win, maybe I’ll find another game to play in App Store until they correct this