Welcome to the new forums!

Welcome, everyone!

We’ve spent the past several months wrangling ravasaurs, managing murlocs, and gathering gastropods here to warmly welcome everyone to our new forums. We know that transitioning to this new system is going to be a little bumpy, so please bear with us if we run into any snags in the next few days.

The new forums offer a ton of new functionality, such as the ability to link pictures and video, follow threads, receive notifications, and much more. We hope this will encourage you all to celebrate, discuss, and share your experiences in Hearthstone in new and interesting ways. For those of you who already frequent the Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm forums, you’ll recognize this as the same system, but with a little Hearthstone flair.

As always, thank you for spending time with us both in the Tavern and here on the forums. We look forward to seeing you in game!

-The Hearthstone Team


Thanks dude.


Twenty characters babe.


20 characters girl frand


Was wondering when this change would happen. Much more cleaner than the old system.


Will the original forums continue to exist as an archive, or will they be erased at some point? The wiki and unofficial bug tracker cite threads and posts on the forums frequently. Losing all of those would be a bit inconvenient.


Woah - a Community Manager? What’s that?


Will we get new Avatars?

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Will you be participating in any discussion in these new forums?

Will the development team be participating in any discussion in these new forums?

Will there be any interaction with Blizzard through these official new forums?

This is something that we would like to do as well and is on the list.


if this means team 5 members and devs are more open to listen to feedback regarding heroes and cards the forum is most welcome.

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Transitions are often difficult, and in many cases problematic to some extent; but the consequent product is generally worth it.

I daresay that this will be the case here; a new start will serve to benefit everyone, and what better time to do it than a long overdue software update? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for your work in implementing and preparing these new forums! :smiley:

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Hi Hearthstone team,
Since we have a new forum, I was thinking if you would like to have a short intro of your team members, which area of expertise(job) you have and maybe some trivia about yourselves?

It would be a good start to get to know the team better. I would also want to start off with welcoming your team to participate more in the forum.

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They will exist for a while at least.

Not sure how long though.

Just wondering though… Why delete the dislike button?

A couple of suggestions:

  1. could you change the website’s navigation bar so that it links to the new forums, not the old ones?

  2. I would suggest not making the tittles of the threads ALL CAPS when we view them. Some people put long titles relevant to the discussion they are starting, and reading ALL CAPS is a bit annoying. The bigger, bold font you already use is enough I think.

Really liking the new forums so far, and this will increase as I discover more features, I am sure!

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The links will be updated soon!

We can take a look into the titles being all capps.

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That’s something that all forums are going over to. Quite a while ago, it was removed from the WoW forums as an experiment, and it seems that Bliz is going forward with it.

As to why, they outlined it in here. (The last paragraph is obsolete in the new forums.)


Reddit will still be the main thing being used.

Yup - and in today’s world of Social Media being used as a means to soft-censor opinions rather than discuss/learn things it is a sad necessity. Too many people use up/down votes as a means to quash discussion rather than actually discuss things.

So if people are unhappy at the removal of downvotes, then they really have no one to blame but themselves for abusing the tool. Human beings are routinely and regularly proving that they were not (and still are not) ready for the responsibility inherent in Social Media communication tools.

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