Update on Weekly Quests

I have never, in my 6 years of playing this game felt the need to post on here before.
These quests are still a joke!
BUT that’s just the most recent “straw” on the old camel’s back! Over the recent months all Blizzard/Microsoft has been most interested in is take away modes, exp, diamond cards, etc. Meanwhile all they seem to be VERY motivated to try and squeeze more and more money outta’ bundles, diamond/signature cards, basically whatever they can. But they’re not supporting the new modes they introduce. Instead of making the modes more accessible, the basically locked out any players that don’t have a huge set of cards already out of Twist ( which I like but I also really liked Duels, and I don’t like Arena nearly as much!) sucks…
Personally it’s really worrisome to see the way that a game I play nearly DAILY, and have sunk considerable $$ on over the years. Are they trying to kill the game!?


Either revert the changes or just rename the game to heroes of the storm 2: electric boogaloo

The genius that came up with this should go back to school.

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Rent is 1000 dollars. We are changing this so that rent is 3000 dollars, but don’t worry, we are including a Ninja blender to compensate. outrage Okay you know, we’ve reconsidered, and are reducing the rent to 2000 dollars, but you get to keep the blender! That should settle things…right?


It literally happened, exactly just as many people here predicted. Next time, try harder.


That post is a broadcast. It’s a system generated post, not something that a person came to the forums and made themselves. You can tell them by the unique jump to post icon.

FYI, the change have dropped:

As expected, it is a +100%(or more, on one or two) difficulty increase for the +20% reward we have.
Which is still an unfriendly change for casual players.

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It’s still crap. If they double the requirement, they need to double the reward.
I’m about done with Blizzard and all their games at this point.


To little, to late. Doubling the requirement with only a 20% boost in exp is CRAP! Blizzard should have went back to the original requirements and left the 20% boost as a way of saying sorry we screwed up.

Not 1 red cent more from me until you fix your mistake Blizzard. Those that feel the same way should post it so that Blizzard knows its bottom line is at stake.

They must be kidding us.
Seriously. This is like the most common of strategies.
They want to double the requirements, but they know they’ll get backlash for it, so they triple it instead, and, when inevitably people start complaining, they “lower” it down to double, because they “listen to the concerns of their audience.”
It’s a complete crap-show.


Dear Blizzard,

I came here to pretty much tell you that I’ve been playing this game since the beginning of time on and off. Mostly a f2p player but I do buy the occasional bundle here and there. You clearly don’t respect me or my time so for the first time in nearly a decade, I’m uninstalling your game for good, permanently, whether you undo this change or not.

Thank you and good luck to you,


I haven’t played since the changes, and I used to play daily since 2017!
Think about that!


They dont need to make good games and manage them well with care and concern for the customer because their wont be anyone playing video games.

You guys are actually pieces of crap for this. What a scumbag move, but that’s nothing new for this greedy company.

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Just adding my response into the mix for consideration.

I very, very rarely post and have been playing WoW and Hearthstone pretty much since launch and have enjoyed them a lot. However this change to the weekly quests has really left me feeling very let down and dissapointed.

The weekly quests meant I could complete the rewards track each season (which I would pay for) even if I couldn’t play for 3 or 4 weeks due to work, etc. I would often complete the weekly quests and if I had time and was enjoying myself, would play a few more games.

This change now makes me begrudge each and every one of those extra games I have to play now and used to play for fun. I feel like there is no respect being given to my time and how long completing those quests will take.

I would very much appreciate the change being reverted.


Bring Duels back, update, and support it!

Blatant trolling and spam. Mods will ignore, because done on company’s behalf, as usual.

I mean, they add new mercstone bundles to the shop every week, added a separate mode for arena bots, and took the time to kill duels! Clearly priorities are right where they want them to be.

Careful, pointing out the company is using basic marketing, psychology, etc tactics is a big no-no around these parts. Apparently, the fact that a business uses tactics that every business engages in is somehow supposed to be a big secret around here.


Still refusing to spend money in game until changes are reverted. Even though I’m primarily a BG player, you’ve lost my regular BG season pass purchase and will continue to do so until this happens.

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Please revert to the previous quest system. I’m not understanding who is really benefiting from this.

I normally complete my quests then do Solo Adventures. You are going to reduce time for me from playing my favorite mode….

Metric padding for actiblizz, for one. And, punishing the players for needlessly killing a mode is 100% in line with how this company operates.

Also, welcome to how things are going to be going forward under microsoft. Looks like we’re in the windows vista version of the game going forward.

While I rarely ever visit the forums, I played this game for nearly a decade now. I purchased every single expansion preorder since WotG and not few cosmetics. I even spent good money on mercenaries, which I really regret to this day.

When I became a dad some years ago, my play patterns shifted a lot. For Hearthstone there are now times, where I engage more (usually when there is fresh content, or I have a little more free time on my hands) and would have no trouble to complete the new quests. But there are also times where I just used to finish off my quests and log off. That way I had no problems completing expansion card collections while “only” buying preorder bundles (mostly mega bundle, sometimes both), which is a thing for me, as I like the collection aspect and I switch decks often plus I love to play weird off-meta decks for fun.

Now you are telling me, that during my low engagement phases, I do not play your game enough and that you need to arbitrarily increase some numbers so that your “most engaged players” are rewarded more and you can present nice metrics to shareholders. While we all know that the first part of it is corporate horsepoop (you do not want to reward anybody more free stuff, you literally moved numbers around: Achievements were gutted, diamond cards we got for completed collections were moved to the store, etc.), I wanted to inform you, that at least for me, these changes will have the opposite effect on your metrics.

I uninstalled the game after the changes, because I know that there would be weeks, where I will feel stressed about completing the weekly quests. So now, you lost me during my low engagement phases, but you also will lose my higher engagement (and money-spending) phases as a result of this. And should your ingenious plan include players like me leaving but then returning to make up for lost rewards with their wallets, you are gravely mistaken (at least in my case).

Revert this or change this to something that does ACTUALLY reward more engaged players more while not affecting the baseline rewards we had for years now (you even changed it from 7 to 5 wins some years ago).

If you do not, this post will be my last “engagement” with any of your products going forward.