Update on 15.6 Issues

Since more than a month every time I open friend list and tap one of friends to read messages game crashes. Same happens when I try to add a friend.

Iphone XR
Ipad Pro 10.5
Ipad 3th gen

I have a few issues in my account right now:

  • I can’t replace daily quests with another one. Arrow icon is just not appearing.
  • For three days in a row I’m receiving the same quests that say, “PLAY 3 games” as a certain class. Which is pretty disappointing and frustrating taking into account the fact I can’t replace them.
  • Issue with missing cards in the decks.

Reinstall and relogin doesn’t help at all.

Please kindly let all the players know when these issues will be fixed as the silence is killing us especially right before new updates and legendary quests which I’m afraid I’m not gonna be able to play due to before mentioned bugs.


Same :
I can’t replace daily quests with another one. Arrow icon is just not appearing.

And not possible to quit the mobile app anymore. In settings the quit button have disapear.

It might be my HTC U Ultra, but the switch region button simply closes the menu, while the options button brings up the correct menu.
Edit: A restart restored functionality, but the problem might be related to putting the phone down in victory screen and having it go to sleep.

since the last 3 weeks it is almost impossible to play on phone and tablet
i am under ios
I can not talk interact with my contacts, I can not mutate, the game closes for no reason, disconnections intolerable for 3 weeks
close the ladder could be a solution
nevertheless it has been a month that I am prevented from playing when I wish, so I will bring a claim, because I will not get any answer, you no consideration any continuation,
I will bring your claim to your premises in your country, and I will continue to receive compensation for my loss.

Any answer blizzard or what? Silence AGAIN for weeks? Its not tollerate anymore.

and more on the Update 15.6 Issues.
All Basic Card (Gold & Non-Gold) appeared twice as much.
congrats on bringing so many bugs. LOL.
fix it please. Thanks

and btw, are you really gonna leave a critical crash hotfix til Monday/possibly Tuesday? People wanted to play on weekend because it’s their free-time in all weeks. Why? Why would you do that?

Concerning rerolling quests once patch fixes this issue, you guys need to consider allowing people to reroll more than 1 quest on the first day after fix. I’m sure many will have multiple useless quests (such as watch a friend win) that they would want to turn into a quest that grants gold.

I have a problem with my missing cards on deck…
I cant really identify which cards are missing on my decks. Please fix this issue… thank you

I am still crashing when I try to squelch the opponent on my iPhone.

Good morning blizzard team, im not sure if the specifics of the missing cards have been reported yet.
It has been since the new patch it started for me. In particular: IT IS ALWAYS GOLD CARDS. Also, please fix this. Its very annoying.
To be even more specific coldlight seer, and psychopomp, plus a few gold cards in my quest pally deck. Some other gold cards seem to be fine. I think its when you put a copy of a regular card and a gold card of the same type in your decklist the gold card turns in to a missing card after you play a match ( even if its not with that deck.) And thats all i know so far

Actually i noticed this and it is the primary reason why i havent prepurchased descent of dragons or bought the rise of shadows solo adventure. My last 20 saviors packs were literally all basic and one rare except 2 packs that had one epic each, i seriously feel cheated is this statistic a fact?

In the deck underbelly underlings, golden murloc tidecaller is not recognized. I have two copies(gold+regular), the notice says “max two in deck”, but there is a blue space to fill the void. Deck always unplayable and says cards are missing even after adding the golden again it resets with every start up

Same here with golden murloc tide caller in underbelly underlings decks, also problem resets after start up

Same here Huawei lite M5 pen doesn’t drag, it did before

When you finish your available quests does it ask you to unlock more heroes in practice mode ? I get that and I have been playing for years … nothing helps

Found out today if you have a pair of golden cards in a deck, it works just fine. The issue is if you only have one golden card and one normal card.

IOS player. Can’t reroll quests. Also opponent’s name no longer appears in top left corner when playing standard ladder. It will appear after match if I go into recruit friends but not during the match.

Hello ! I have a issue with the new update, every time when I try to connect with my friend for playing versus, we have problem to connect and keep the playing rolling and it’s keep a really long time to start the game.