To many bots I am out

All I do is play against Bots (and not Blizzard Bots) your ban wave did little to take out the bots.

I just will not play a game that has more bots than players.


Where is the proof? The game is extremely turn-based and slow at player movements [so it’s exceptionally hard to prove it by just “intuition”].

What EXACTLY do you see that proves “yep: that’s not a human”?

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The exact same time it takes them to play card(s), dropping cards with rush and don’t use them, Same exact timing between dropping cards never slower nor faster. So many ways.


That may be more human than bot. Programmers have functions like random(); it can add a random delay; e.g. “play every turn between 1 and 8 seconds after it starts randomly” (and in fact Blizzard may detect bots by NOT seeing them acting in a similar time every time.

If they drop rush and don’t use it they may do achievements; I just did that yesterday in Diamond 10 Wild (I don’t care about Wild); I think I found a couple of other players doing achievements too lol…

(also if a programmer makes a bot that drops a rush minion properly: they probably can make it attack easily too (they already did the hard work of playing cards anyway))

Bot denialers… For example i played the reno card against a bot, and the kept cycling through their picture and the one card they had in their hand, in a very rhythmic fashion. Example 2: they play a card that has no synergy with their deck e.g. that stealth tiger, yeti, and the pirate who does 2 damage if you have a weapon as a warlock
Example 3: only go face no matter the situation


they tend to pop up after you lose several games on a rank floor

Literally just had a game where the person’s btag ended with #3892963.

I believe that only a fool would buy something in Hearthstone with real money and not because it is a bad game but because there are too many secrets, no one knows how matchmaking works and if it is manipulated based on parameters such as spending real money, no one knows if the rng is the same for everyone, many say that it varies according to an algorithm, for example everyone knows that in the arena if you win the first two games at 2\0 you encounter a very strong deck many say it is a blizzard bot, which is used to make you tilt in subsequent matches and break your concentration, in short, too many strange things that Blizzard doesn’t talk about and refuses to answer

Ranked up from Plat 5, now in D5. I’d say at least 90% of my games were bots. Even in D5 i’m encountering bots. NA btw.


If the cards involved give an achievement, it’s normal (I was just playing “stupid” in a game because I wanted to use all the achievement-related cards).

And if it’s Wild it’s more probable since Standard users use it as a joke-category to do quests and achievements.

I just hit gold in standard today and it’s filled with bots. Is this normal?

“They” use the same cards, their username is gibberish, they only go face, don’t use hero powers when they have the mana for it.

I just grinded past gold and up into mid plat this week and yesterday had 12 bots IN A ROW. I posted a complaint and immediately dingleberries like Carnivore jumped in to claim bots don’t exist and that Blizzard does no wrong. Within 48 hours a mod removed the post. I bet this post lasts about as long…


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absolute word of the week, if not year

I can’t recall if I even played against a real person today and I am in Diamond. It seems like more humans are at lower ranks.

This bot business needs to be crushed for sure. I do realize it must be fairly difficult, so I wish the devs the best of luck!


There’s bots all the way to legend, and the company seems more interested in banning real people than the actual bots.

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Yup this game is pretty well dead in my opinion. I log in now just to do my daily and weekly quests get to D5 and leave.

I played this game to play against other human players not bots.

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I doubt it. When I was climbing to Legend in the first four days of the month there were essentially zero bots after Diamond 10. If any of them were bots they fooled me, seemed human, let’s put it that way.

That said, later on the month it might be different, I don’t know for sure.

Yep and the decklists are so easy to spot. They all use core cards. Names were randomly generated HS names but have recently switched to just gibberish. The play is awful too. Beyond possible levels of human dumbness.

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Hi, i played against someone that could not figure out the taunt, and the red arrow kept going to hit my avatar in the game.
Is that a bot. I won the game because they could not get past a taunt with 3 health.

If it’s not a try-hard rank, like top legend or diamond 1, they might just do achievements; I was doing it a lot this month myself; just not winning because I was waiting to use the cards that are needed for achievements.