They canceled the hearthstone AMA, And deleted the original post

You can read all about it here, in case anyone missed it. Remove the spaces after the dots and /

www. invenglobal. com/articles/ 12799/ blizzard-pulls-hearthstone-ama-after-community-backlash?lbt=true


To be fair … there was going to be a ton of aggression on that AMA so i can see why they prefer not to do it.

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I agree. 100%

I would like to see them say something though. after all the backlash, the app store reviews, ect. They need to say something. all this anger, the community is at each others throats. to quote Saronite Chain Gang “how long can this go on?”

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I don’t think it’s crazy to prioritize questions about the cost of the game, considering it’s the number 1 complaint right now

If blizz doesn’t want to answer questions about that, I’m not all that interested to hear what they DO want to talk about

So good. I’m glad they cancelled it. Go count your money Blizz


Sad that all the negativity ruined the AMA… A lot of us were really excited to ask Blizzard about the new mini-expansion… now we are robbed of that chance

This is what happens, if you don’t respect blizzard, you get punished… Not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you! We might even lose out on other special events that give reward packs or XP boosts… thanks a lot guys…! Keep it up!

No, it’s the other way around, unless you are addicted to hearthstone.


Given that the players are technically the ones feeding the devs…


its good decision tbf. the mob part of the community would 100% have flooded them with harassments and toxicity

There are a lot of people that right now are not willing to hear, they are blinded and confused by following the angry mob of people.

So any answer or explanation about that might be unpleasing anyway. And tha would just bring more chaos.

“we lied to our players and we dont want to face them. also, we have no fixes and no talented people to get us out of this…so cancel!”

good. keep canceling events. i hope you all feel like you need to hide in a hole and never come out again.


im guessing people positng questions about the battle pass…werent exactly nice while doing it


I hope our Blizzard overlords read this and reward you, Mr. Blizzard Simp.


Classic case of Stockholm Syndrome :frowning:


‘Hey guys, we messed up, let us work something out and get back to you.’ - that’s all what the angry reviewers wanted to see. One single statement. But nah, it’s better to hide from the public I guess.


Nope, that would just make them even angrier.


Were people expecting anything else from a spineless company such as activision? They already got your money, they just want the complainers to go away so they can proceed as normal (milking their whales and let the simps ask pointless questions).


it’s sooo simple to say just that, It’s mind boggling that they haven’t. Must have laid off every last member of the PR team.


bring on the chaos…

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Oh indeed they need to step in, but an AMA will not do them any favors, they can say they will give for free an entire set … and people will still be agressive … i rather have them show some improvement or tweaks whenever they are ready than just give some fake PR answer that will make the angry mob, somehow, even angrier.

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