The Lich King Calls on You to Return to Naxxramas!

The Lich King Calls on You to Return to Naxxramas!

The Battle for Silvermoon reaches its next phase as The Lich King calls for reinforcements in the March of the Lich King Mini-Set, Return to Naxxramas!

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Wow, that’s amazing!!! Waiting to play new cards!!!

Sindragosa? Not Sapphiron? Like the Undead Frost Dragon FROM Naxxramas? Ok…


+1 to this guy.

Come on, Loremasters. It should be Saphhiron. It was he who protected Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas in the Frost Wyrm Lair. We already got Sindragosa anyways.

Give Sapphiron a chance.



"and a terrifying new way to win the game! "

Translation: more powercreep


A hybrid frost blood, Jesus that disgusting.

death knight got different card style around the picture?

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Wait, really important question. Do “discover a blood gem card” or “discover a frost gem card” both work to discover sindragosa?


fix the shop fix the shop


Guess only way to compete is buy your overpriced bundles.

means a new "destroy enemy hero " card a new win condition

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Isn’t sindragosa supposed to be Lich King’s frost wyrm companion though? Not too current on my lore (ignoring the naxxramus stuff).

Since it’a WoTLK mini set as well as Naxx they could just be making it Lich King’s colossal and not Kelthuzad’s Colossal.


Uhhh… its only 2k gold? Don’t have to pay actual money.

Idk, I only play BGs but even seem to always have more than enough gold to buy minisets just in case I ever decide to play standard.

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Usually use the gold to buy packs. But I wish they don’t do this as it puts the players who don’t buy the bundles at a disadvantage.

mini set …2000 gold…over priced ??? since when?


Not convinced Sindragosa will see play in Blood or Frost. Frostwyrm’s Fury and Vampiric Blood are too valuable to lose.


2k gold is overpriced?

Considering we have so few way to spend gold, I am thinking about the 10k gold for gold card just to reduce my balance.

this game cannot be fixed its too late ,milk them while you can :rofl:

They release new cards way too often now. I miss old hearthstone


2k gold overpriced? It’s the price for most of the miniset and honestly, it’s like they are free as i always kept 2K gold for the miniset.
But if you are talking about the gold one, yeah me too feel that’s overpriced.

Like many others, i think that Saphiron would have been a better choice for a Naxxramas theme set… unless he is a among the cards not revealed yet.