The Dalaran Heist is too expensive


I’m talking about the gold method of purchase.

Each wing after the first costs 700 gold and gives 3 packs as a reward. For a free to play player this effectively means you’re wasting 400 gold whenever you buy a wing.

I get that they want to give incentive for buying the adventure with real money, but this is still an unjustifiably high cost. You are effectively wasting 1600 gold or 16 packs if you decide to buy the adventure. Which would be okay if you were at least able to disenchant Zayle, Shadow Cloak when you finish the adventure (since that would give you 1600 dust, and since he’s useless for a big portion of the playerbase), but we’ve already received confirmation that he can’t be disenchanted

All of this is made worse by the fact that the adventure is basically a rework of Dungeon Run - it’s done well, but there’s not really any groundbreaking new features to justify the cost, especially when you consider that Dungeon Run was free to play.

Hearthstone is an expensive game, either in terms of money or time invested, there’s no denying that, and this solo adventure makes things worse. A free to play player that never misses a daily quest will still lack about half of all legendaries, and this solo adventure basically punishes players for liking the game and wanting to play all the different aspects of it with a very tangible drop in the quality of the decks they’ll be able to make.

Anyways, wanted to get this rant into writing, I’d love to hear all your thoughts, what you agree or disagree with. :slight_smile:


Agreed, it’s too expensive. With the past adventures the 700 gold was justified, you got all the cards from the set and there wasn’t any element of RNG when it comes to bosses so you were guaranteed to finish the content. They should have dropped the price to, idk can’t do math right now, 400 or 500 gold.


I agree, I forgot to mention that part, there definitely seems to be a big discrepancy between what you’re paying and what you’re getting.

That sounds about right, I don’t mind paying a bit extra for the fun content, it just doesn’t feel like a good deal the way it’s priced right now.


Wait, it’s not free like the last adventures?


The game is free to play, the additional content is not. After all, this is a company, companies that give everything away for free cease to exist. They ultimately need to generate revenue somehow. If you don’t enjoy farming gold or paying for “additional” content, then don’t.

Being to expensive is situational, internal and personal, many people can afford it, some can’t, such is life. I fail to see the arguement that everything in this game needs to be free, it doesn’t make sense.


Sadly not, first wing is free, each subsequent wing costs 700 gold, but you can buy the entire adventure for 19,99$

Please don’t parrot empty talking points at me.

  1. I’m not saying Blizzard needs to give anything away for free.
  2. Hearthstone is generating plenty of revenue from pack sales, they don’t need exorbitantly priced single player content to do well.
  3. The most important prerequisite for Hearthstone to make money is a sizable playerbase, and single player content is one of the draws that keeps people playing or brings them back to the game after they stopped, so the adventures earn them money even if they’re free
  4. If we accept that to be true, then there’s a price point at which the revenue loss from bringing fewer people to the game outweighs the extra money made from raising the adventure price further.

The way your comment is worded it could be used to respond even if the adventure costed 1.000.000 gold per wing, which makes it pointless and arbitrary.

Again, can you stop arguing points I never made? I explicitly stated in my post that I don’t think there’s anything wrong with charging for single player content, I think it’s priced too high.


I think the gold price is just fine. The cash price (per wing) seems steep to me, but the cash price for the whole thing seems OK. Different folks have different tolerance levels for costs though, and there’s no “One True Price”. IMO they struck a fair enough balance.


Hmm, honestly I haven’t been following new about the new adventure, since I like to be surprised when I first play it.

I’ll have to take a look, if you get new cards exclusively from completing it, the price is fine.


You get 15 packs and one Golden Pack, so there’s the potential a player might get cards they don’t already have, I guess. They wouldn’t be new exclusive cards though.

But there’s the Shadow Cloak players will get for completing all five wings, so that’s a new card. Just one card though.

Ultimately, the only “new stuff” players will get from the expansion are …

  1. Fifteen Shadows packs
  2. The Shadow cloak
  3. Two card backs
  4. A Golden Classic pack
  5. The Single Player content.

Whether that’s worth it to a player or not is entirely up to themselves and their own opinion. For some people the answer is a definitive Yes. For others, a definitive No. There’s no right or wrong to it. It’s simply what it is. Within the scope of Hearthstone’s own pricing for stuff though, the Heist is fairly priced but it is definitely not a “bargain” either. Older Single-Player Adventures were a much better bargain in terms of what you paid vs. what you got.


You ask for feedback and you attack my post.

You use words like “useless”, “wasting”, “punishes” and “unjustifiably” complaining about the price, yet offer no solutions.

You compare previous free Dungeon Run to this and complain.

Let’s be crystal clear, I parrot no one junior.

How you know or have even the slightest idea of Blizzards revenue generation from pack sales is impressive and what they do or don’t need regarding single player content pricing. This is your opinion and not reality. Unless you are currently working at or for Blizzard.

Feel free to use bold text highlighting what you don’t like about this reply, I’m sure the impact will be worth it.


That’s actually pretty good, wow.

Considering that just 15 packs of cards is $19.99, I think this is quite a good value.


I’ve been playing this game since beta. I’ve threw way too much money at my screen for this game. I really dislike the money sucking business Blizzard is turning into (I blame Activision for that part by the way). When I opened 108 packs this expension, I only got 4 legendaries. I then decided to never give Blizzard money again for this game.

I really liked how Blizzard did the expansions in the first years of Hearthstone. Some were just card expensions which you needed to obtain through packs and others were single player experiences with all the cards from the expension as reward. It kept the amount of money you needed to spend balanced since buying tons of packs to get all the cards you want is way more expensive than buying the single player expensions. When they changed that to only card expension, I was okay with it because they promised to deliver free single player experiences every expension. Now they do a card expension and you have to pay for the single player experience… Greedy in my opinion. I don’t like it at all!


Because it wasn’t feedback, it was literally the same talking point it’s always been used by companies and politicians when they want to make long sentences that ultimately say… nothing at all. Any yes,

you do.

The solution is pretty clear if you read the post. Also, why are you quoting random words I said?

… Because they release quarterly reports :tired_face:

Bold text is used for emphasis. It’s used to bring out points I consider worth getting across. Just because you for some perplexing reason have a problem with it it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with me using it. See how this gets the point across?

Either way, I’m done arguing with you, before this post gets more sidetracked. Peace.

It’s definitely a good deal if you buy it with cash imo, in comparison with the normal bundles, it’s only a bit on the high side if you use ingame currency.

BTW, Zayle, Shadow Cloak is like a new Whizbang. He’s not a card you can actually use in game (unless you discover him some way), he replaces your deck with one of 5 random deck recipes (one for each E.V.I.L.) class.


For me personally it’s too much and I don’t find the reward at the end of it all that appealing. The single player content in this game is kind of interesting but honestly it’s not really worth paying for. If it was we wouldn’t need rewards as incentive to buy it. I appreciate the effort that goes into making this type of content but if they ceased creating the single player content I’d not care.

I’ve completed the dungeon runs from previous sets which was a nice little thing to complete once for the challenge but as for paid singe player content I’ve only ever bought the single player content that had cards i required for decks I wanted to play. Bit frustrating really so i’m glad they haven’t added additional cards for the set and stuck them behind a pay wall.


That is a really good argument, well noticed, dude :slight_smile:

I feel blizz is getting better at drawing new card backs too.


Eh, I don’t know, even then I think it’s a decent deal (if I understand the adventure correctly that is).

Your first post says that you would need to spend 1600 gold to unlock everything. For 1600 gold you’re getting:

  • A new adventure to play
  • 15 packs of cards (which on its own costs 1500 gold)
  • Two card backs
  • A golden classic pack
  • The Shadow Cloak, which lets you play around with a full golden deck.

It’s a lot of gold, but it’s also a lot of value.

I admit that it’s a bummer if you’re a F2P player and only have a couple hundred gold or so RIGHT NOW, so you need to either use real money or spend a decent amount of time farming gold.


I think it would be more enjoyable, interesting, and gives more incentive for players to purchase the adventure if each boss drops an adventure exclusive card (similar to the old adventures) that could not be received through normal packs. At least the first wing is free.


You misunderstand. The entire adventure costs 700x4 or 2800 gold. But you do get some packs for it, 12 in fact, the price of which I subtracted from the full price (2800-1200=1600) to show how much you’re losing by purchasing the adventure.

Basically you get all that you mentioned, but it will cost you 2800 gold, not 1600.

I agree, if they gave us new cards (ideally cards that can alternatively be crafted with dust, for players that only want a specific card and don’t want to buy the solo adventure) to make up some of the value loss for your collection if you buy the adventure, that would be a much better and more player friendly system.


Ah, then yeah, it’s not a deal at all for gold. If anything, it kind of feels like a bit of a rip-off for gold.

I think for this adventure, just spend money. It’s a great value if you use real money.


Right? That was kinda my point, the value you get for the gold you spend seems dis-proportionally low to me compared to the content we’ve gotten in the past.