The Dalaran Heist is too expensive


Guess that depends on how much you ‘value’ gold. :slight_smile:

I have a pile of almost 10,000 gold sitting right in my account, so I could dump 2,800 today and get the whole thing and it would seems like it was costing me absolutely nothing.

If a person is spending all their gold as fast as they get it, and currently has 0 gold in their account? Yeah, it’s going to take them a while to scrape together 2,800 - so that might seem ‘expensive’.

It’s all a matter of perspective.


I barely played previous solo-adventures so i’m not wasting gold/money on it. Already wasted money on the expansion and half my wild cards to even play some current decks.
HS is dying for me, because i can’t keep up with the amount of cash i need to pay2play and I can’t cannibalize my collection forever.


5.000€ for a piece of bread is expensive even if you’re a billionaire.


Like most things Blizzard has done after the Activision Acquisition…Screw that hoo ha.

Pillars of Eternity 2 is on sale on steam. Thinking I have something great to play every day for awhile vs - wash rinse repeat day after day game.


I agree with your points and the price of the adventure in gold explains why this is a good business decision.The overpriced gold price for each wing gives less incentive for people to spend gold on the adventure and thus make more sense to play for it using real money which is actually not overpriced at all since US $20 on itself can buy you 15 packs. Spending US $20 on this adventure gives you 15 packs and a free full adventure. Besides, if you do daily quests and get at minimum 50 a day, the whole thing is free for anyone in 48 days anyway.


As far as that goes, $20 is getting you 12 packs, not 15, since the first 3 are free.


I will buy the wings at the price of 20 for 4, I think it is reasonable for what it offers. The adventure is entertaining and has more work than the previous ones that were free (Khadgar “tips” are OP: p). The price in $ per individual wing is not so good business, but it is always this way when you buy packages out of the total package or in “steps”.

The price in gold is unjustified, very unbalanced and only complicates f2p players if they want to acquire the content “lose resources or lose content” will be from now on for that type of users.


That’s the precedent I’m worried about as well. For the past two years, it always felt like their philosophy was giving active free to play players (in other words players that play daily and finish all their quests) a chance to play all the content and be competitive with pay to play players at the same time, but if this is a pattern of things to come it seems like that might be changing.


I don’t plan on buying the rest of the adventure. The first part was ok. Felt just like playing a Dungeon Run. I don’t see myself playing it often. It’s not worth the cost to me.


I strongly disagree. This Solo Adventure is definetely best. You get 5 chapters for only 19,99$.

For so much content and fun, 20$ is nothing.

However, buying this adventure with gold (which is 700x4) doesn’t sound value. I think paying 20$ is more reasonable.

Isn’t it fair to say thank you to people who contributed in this game? These game developpers spend hours, days to provide you a funny game. I don’t think 20$ is much for this.

I very liked this adventure. Super fun!


Not really. Content has never been equally accessible. Some content, like hero portraits, are completely locked out for F2Pers

“oh but portraits are cosmetic and don’t impact competitive play” you might say. But you can say the same for these adventures. Being able to experience the solo content is nice, but so would being able to do those unique hero emotes. Neither impacts competitive play.

Furthermore, unlike old adventurers, Heist doesn’t give you any card that is unique and relevant to competitive play. So if anything, Heist is better than how they did it before in helping F2Pers stay relevant. The F2Per who skips on paying for it is not falling behind, if anything the gap would close, as it’s less gold efficient than simply buying straight packs.


My only worry is if i could finish the adventure as dungeon run and witchwood one i still havent been able to get all classes as there is usually some crazy rng on the last 2 bosses.

I would be sad if paid money or gold and then get a headache from constantly getting beaten by harsh rng.


Normal day in HS :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember the good ole days where a $19.99 expansion actually contained a set of cards? The Dalaran Heist looks more like a thumb to the eye than anything else. Activision is laughing at us.


Interesting to me how many cheapskates come here whining about Blizzard’s “greed”, but all I hear out of them is “gimme, gimme, gimme.”


legend competitive decks are played even on rank23 nowadays, 10k dust cost ones, 200 dollars for a single deck is just nonsense and tbh 95% games are solitaire one sided boredom.


Pretty common at F2P games, it draws in kids as their animation are made for. Kids dont have thousands of saved dollars for one single card game


You, sir, win the Internet for today.



I know right? At least they should give us new cards in each wing…


Just came here to see if it has any value to buy it
noticed not
its a shame but I cannot waste my precious gold on pve content that has negative value.