Stuck in resuming game

i was disconnected from game been trying to reconnect for 20 mins but its just stuck in resuming game every time i log back in what to do?

Same here, was in the middle of a Mercenaries fight when it dropped. Now all I get is “Resuming”

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Same, right at the start of the boss fight too. :roll_eyes:

Hi have you guys tried to log in and then out of the battlenet client ?

Does not make a difference.

i was able to break this cycle by logging into hearthstone from two devices at once. Once i was kicked due to logging in from another device, i logged back in and it went to the main screen like usual.

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Hey all,

We’ve gotten some reports of this and are checking this out now. To fix the “resuming game” error you need to wait on the “resuming game” until it automatically errors, which can take 15-30 minutes. If you are on a PC you can use the PC to do other things while you wait to reconnect.

We’re not currently sure what is causing this. For those of you who are having this problem, can you let us know what you were doing when it happened? If you were playing a specific Mercenaries mission, for instance, which mission? Otherwise, what game mode were you playing, how long were you playing it for, etc?

I was running the L21 mission in Felwood, started the fight with the boss, selected my actions and clicked Ready and then … nothing, no response.

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Also having the same problem getting stuck on the “resuming game” screen. I was playing The Annointed Blades boss battle when it happened. Fight was progressing fine, then I passed the turn, and it froze. Had been playing for 15-20 minutes total.

Every boss fight stops, crashes, and then I reconnect and get to resume. The last 3 days it took 4 hours, 8 hours, and today I waited over an hour before I gave up.

I was playing the second felwood heroic. Finish until bossfight. Cant select targets, enemies not making any action. Stuck in target selection. Seems to happen consistently on this mission

Annointed Blades boss fight. Mercenaries seems to crash way too often.

I was starting a Mercenaries Felwood boss fight. This was several hours ago, HS is still not working even the regular card game.

This happened to me this morning as well. I was also doing the anointed blades heroic boss fight. I had already completed the bounty once. The second time, when I submitted my actions for the first round, the game hung. I noticed that the dialog boxes over the left and right enemies were saying “…” rather than showing the turn order. I closed the client on my phone and then couldn’t get by the “Resuming…” message on either iOS or PC for about two hours. I submitted a support ticket and the response mentioned this thread.

Same here … Same boss … Same situation … Same crash …

i had to do it a few times back and forth, but this worked for me. bounty was forfeited. glad to be playing more… thank you

Having the exact same problem. I was also on the second bounty in Felwood. The game got stuck when i was trying to put in the commands for my mercs. My only thought was to reload the game. When I did, it became stuck on the “resuming” dialog. I see a post on here saying to just wait it out (15-30 minutes). After an hour of waiting, I was kicked due to inactivity. Logging back in did not fix the problem. The game is 100% unplayable until I can somehow get around the “resuming” screen.

i got to another Merc boss and it did the same thing again. :frowning:

Yep. It’s been doing this since you guys started maintenance. It tends to happen to me during bounties, right when it’s my move.

I was on last boss of the second bounty in felwood, when it froze last.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on pc or phone, it does it on both.

Locked up on Mercenaries Felwood Normal level 21 at the boss, multiple times.