So there was this Q and A thread on reddit


I think the general answers were pretty interesting. Eventhough I hate the current meta (OTK meets Hunterstone) I have to say that I like the general direction the HS team is taking (more transparency/ faster balancing/ better rewards/ more events a.s.o.).
I was at a point at which I thought about quitting the game last year but now I’ll at least stay around and see what the Year of the Dragon will bring for HS.


they’re clueless, they don’t even know they have a site and forum


This roughly translates into : “We didn’t do sh1t about it but it would be bad to just say that. So, we can either say it’s on our radar and we’re always thinking about or we can send the question right back at you and ask you what you want. Either way, bear in mind that we didn’t do sh1t about it and you will get nothing”


It’s beyond crazy, it’s downright insulting.

“Hey babe, I’m going to cheat on you!”


“And can I take your car?”

  1. These forums are brand new
  2. They don’t use them
  3. They use Reddit
  4. They don’t have the decency to come here and point us to Reddit



I agree with you there i like the direction hs is going with better rewards and faster balancing.

Though the strong position of OTK currently bothers me, and seeing a ton of hunters.
OTK should exist in the game but i don’t want to run into 6 priests and 6 hunters when i play 12 ranked or even casual matches.

I’m also waiting for rotation i said before it was basically a make or breaking point for me, i have played hearthstone on and off since 2015 have faced really obnoxious decks before in the past, but these decks to which there basically is no counter towards. (unless you are running specialized decks, or you can only have 1 of cards in your deck ‘‘Zihi’’)

Make it feel like i could better just face myself to a wall because there is much more enjoyment in staring towards a blank wall than playing these kind of games.

(August Dean Ayala) #16

This is pretty reasonable feedback, if we’re going to do a reddit AMA we should throw something up here as well. In retrospect it would have been good to see if you all had any questions and answer them in that thread.


Oh my.

You came out to own up to this personally. If you keep this up the stigma surrounding the teams interaction and involvement here might become entirely baseless!

I have mean jokes, but seriously this issue doesnt even really matter to me and your response actually impressed.


Its gonna take a few moths to fix that bridge.

But ya I love taking surveys and questionnaires!
Layeth it on me blizz


New game modes refresh the game too, it’s been 5 years and they still have no idea what might work?
Do they really think community would buy that?


That was to be expected.


Yeah, like ALL the times before.

Nah, you won’t change. Guaranteed the same thing will happen again in the future. Again and again just like always.


I don’t like reddit.


If you are doing an AMA, why not do it on here, and point reddit to your official forums?

It is weird to me that the blizzard hosted forum feels like the empty 3rd party one while reddit is the one that actually gets attention.

Where the devs and community managers choose to interact has a large impact on where the discussions take place. Why not leave reddit alone and place some focus here?


Rotation for Wild would be the dream, even a 1 set each expansion. That would be so good for Hearthstone.

The prob w not rotating wild is the same-deck-packages are always going to be locked in place for each class, unless a new expansion card is so powerful it boxes out a core stemming from what 10+ expansions now plus Classic?

F/e, would some new expansion package totally box out Wild Big Priest? No. It’s not going to replace it. The new cards just slot in if they make the supporting cut of that core.

That’s the problem with no-rotation Wild. The same 2-3 card-packages per class just shape the game and nothing can get involved that isn’t meta like them.

Also, could you elaborate on why Auctioneer only has Druid/Rogue support?
It’s such a deckbuilding-involving card, and absolutely requires ramp/0-cost spells to be-strong-enough (which at 6 mana it’s only strong enough in Miracle Druid…I mean it’s basically optional in Jade).

Rogue? Forget about it, 6 mana is too-weak + Shadowstep Coldight is just (way) stronger overall than Auctioneer.

If devs would even consider Wild getting 1-set rotation per new expansion launch…even thinking about it would be xmas morning. Shaking up the game is critical, more than adding a new expansion, and more than a big once a year rotation for standard only.

Spread out rotation is like so obvious how much it would keep everyone so interested in HS. Every expansion, deck cores will really-change, not just in April. That means deckbuilding really goes up each new expansion…which is what everyone wants out of this game.

Also, buff Nozdormu please? 12 seconds would be much better. Thanks.


The AMA was over two days ago, bud.


exactly how i feel !
anyway, how/where do we post our questions for the next q&a?



Seriously Team5 … these are the game’s forums. Not Reddit or other 3rd party sites. THIS FORUM should be the place you come to discuss the game … not other places. If you have something to say then it should at least come here first rather than last … but if you were really serious about developing your brand and having coherent marketing then you’d make this your ‘official’ forum where you do stuff, and point everyone here rather than other way around.


As much as I agree with you, trying to get the innumerable masses from Twitter/Reddit to come here will never in any form of reality be as effective as simply taking the message to the social media outlets in which they already reside.

Official in-house media has now become a dusty relic compared to the currently trending giants that practically do their marketing for them.


Yeah, you go where there are people. And there are lots of people on Reddit.


Just saying, if you put an announcement on Reddit like ‘‘We re hosting Q and A, on our forums’’ wont more people come to the forums?