Signature Retrospective & Compensation

The following is being posted on behalf of Lead Features Designer, Chadd Nervig:

On the Hearthstone team, we’re always looking for ways that we can surprise and delight our players. That means taking risks, trying new things, and iterating if things don’t go as planned.

It’s safe to say that the reception to Signature cards hasn’t lived up to our hopes. We wanted to take a moment to respond to all the great feedback you’ve been giving us about them and tell you a bit about our plans for them.

First, our goals for Signature cards. We want to celebrate the art, putting it front and center, focusing on appealing, exciting, high-quality, and unique full art. We want them to be special items that you want to collect. And we want them to feel great to get; it should feel like a bonus, pure upside.

Your feedback has been clear: we haven’t hit those goals. We’re taking that feedback to heart and are already planning significant changes for our next round of Signature cards.

  • Many people have shared how Hearthstone’s colorful art is one of their favorite aspects of the game and the “icy sepia” tone we chose worked against that. Each expansion will feature a different approach to Signature card art, and we’re already planning for the next expansion’s Signature cards to be bright, vibrant, and colorful. They will also feature animations similar to what Golden cards have.

  • You’ve also told us that you love the idea of full art cards, but that the name banner across the middle fights against that. We hear you and are exploring potential options to get the name banner out of the way for the next expansion’s Signatures.

  • We’re also thinning out the card frame itself for next expansion’s Signature cards, both in hand and on the board, to make more room for the art, and reduce confusion about whether the on-board frame has some gameplay impact.

  • Finally, you’ve told us that they haven’t felt like a pure bonus in all cases. While a bit confusing (and we’re looking into ways to make things clearer), the new reroll system has worked well to make Signatures a pure bonus in most cases. But there have been a few edge cases where that system hasn’t protected you from missing out on something, and we’re going to provide compensation for those affected, while we iterate on the systems involved for the future.

    • If you own Signature Lor’themar, you effectively missed out on a Legendary card, so we’ll be giving you 1 random Legendary card from March of the Lich King.

    • If you own both Signature Grand Magister Rommath and the March of the Lich King Tavern Pass, you effectively missed out on a Legendary card, so we’ll be giving you 1 random Legendary card from March of the Lich King.

Eligibility will be based on the above criteria as of December 20th at 10am PT. Eligible players will be granted this compensation at login, later that week. (Edited 12/19 to correct time zone from “PDT” to “PT”)

Thanks for all the great feedback on Signature Cards, and all the passion and excitement you’ve shown for Hearthstone and March of the Lich King!


still doesnt change the fact you YOU CANT DUST THEM, or reroll them
this wont fix current cards.
future expansion signature card having a different look will make everything just look even more uncohesive


BUT! BUT! At least they’ll be pretty! :grin:

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Just delete it. It’s difficult to know which card is playing your opponent and are really ugly


That means that those of us who currently have these cards got screwed, right?
I don’t want any please give the option to change them for the normal versions


hearthstone has become more scam than bitconnect


Happy to hear these changes, but please consider updating the cards from this expansion to incorporate the new design features. It’s going to look quite disjointed after a few expansions if only one batch of Signature cards have a majorly diffrent look from the standard Signature card look.


at least make them look like hearthstone cards.

Not diamond cards.

Not the current signature cards.

Also make them easily readable when on board.

Make the different effects (taunt, windfury, deathrattle, etc) be easy to see.

only if you want signature cards.

I dont even use golden cards (if I can help it) because I hate not having all the cards look alike.


I’m probably one of the few that actually likes them. I think they look good in a 100% non golden deck. I don’t think I have them all but quite a number of them.

Name plate at the top for sure would be better even if not consistent with the other cards. One thing that I hope is not lost is the alternative art. I like the more serious look of the alternative art.


I don’t like the whole “expansion theme” tone business. It makes all of the signature cards of a set look exactly the same.


They look like garbage. If you’re going to change them for the next expansion, fix the old ones first. There shouldn’t be a theme for each expansion it should be full card art. We don’t need some goofy theme like the “icy sepia”.

The grey and blue tones looks lazy and boring compared to the actual card art that was made for the non signature cards. Invincible’s normal legendary art is significantly better than the signature art.

If you’re going to change it to be better for next expansion. Fix this expansion too.


The art is what is is, but you really should change the frames and name plate for the existing signatures.


Thanks for the communication! Really appreciate the response. Looking forward to the new designs!


Previously, when buying a pre-order, I received 2 gold legendary cards, now I have received these. Why it is impossible to make a choice, either gold or signature. I feel like I’ve been robbed for 2 cards with awesome animation and appearance…


so what i am getting blizzard is that i will stil be stuck whit a bad colored signature mograin for my dk when i have a golden mograin already, cause the golden is not only miles better but the art is way cooler on hes base card over the blurry art from the signature one, this stil feels like a scam blizzard tread carefully whit how far your pushing the line.


How on earth do you guys even ok these cards… how does a huge company that makes so much not have the brain cells to rationalize what people actually like. Seems like y’all are very distant to what the consumer or customer wants that they will enjoy. This just looks like you waited last minute to put it together and said Fk it send it. Let’s see how much money we can make. People have paid a lot of money and y’all made millions Forsure. Take the hit and rework the current cards and learn from your failure.


Holy Light, when I was thinking about the “every set’s art is different,” and the feedback so far…I knew they were going to go full opposite mode for the next ones.



I always change them out, if I can, because they hurt my eyes.

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Screw the signature cards . . . . BALANCE THE GAME FIRST!!!