Scripted Outcome in HS Arena


It is true. Scripted outcomes means to ensure you won’t win a game you weren’t supposed to win.

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So I had 3-4 Arena matches some days ago : 7-3 , 9-3 , 11-3 . So that added me in a “very high score” in the eyes of Blizzard. So what do they do next? For the next 10 or so Arena runs, I only had outrageous opponents with never before seen decks and outcomes that one can only dream to have it in their matches.

For reference :

This is not about “bad luck” or anything like that. This are all scripted outcomes and I will keep having this, until I get to a point that Blizzard scripted outcome system will say “Ok, that’s enough, you can win now!”.

I have plenty of other reply so no one can tell me that I had bad luck. You can’t have 30 matches of bad luck. That’s impossible.

So yea! There you have it folks.

PS: I’ve requested a refund of a 5 euro purchase of Runestones, because of this scripted outcome system. Of course they will deny it, but you know what? As soon as they will deny it, I will start an Arena Match.

100% my next run will end at least 7-3, if not 10-3. You will see…

Okay mate, I know how you’re feeling (look at my recent post where I state how I quit HS after 1 week yet again because I can’t keep my cool playing) but this proves nothing. Arena is something you shouldn’t invest any money in. Because of the rng factor density in this game, almost all classes in HS have a ~50% win-rate in Arena. This is absurdly bad and means unless you craft something out of this world, most runs even out at 3 wins (and guess what, most runs even out at 3 wins).

I played 3 rounds of Arena while I was back. 1st I was lucky like crazy, got a handbuff pala with all the best cards … lost 2 games in a row and then won 7 until I lost again.
After that I could barely make it past 2 wins because I faced mages with Maximise the Maxitude (not joking, 3 mages I encountered had that card randomly before turn 3) a.s.o.

The worst joke would be you paying more money to prove anything. The devs really don’t care, they just thankfully accept your money.

So they rigged all these runs in your favor and scripted the outcomes to ensure you win. Just curious why is it only after the losses you start complaining? Weren’t you also upset about winning all those games your opponents weren’t allowed to win?



What did I told you?!

Literally, after I received an answer from Blizzard, which I will attach it too , after 4 hours or so I started an Arena Run.

And I am already at 7-0 with DK which in this current arena period, is one of THE worst class.

Here is the Blizzard response …

Yup! Just RNG, no scripted … :roll_eyes:

You don’t get it do you? They were normal runs so to speak. But as soon Blizzard scripted outcome system sees that my win rate was that high, they will FORCE every other match I have so that I will lose, no matter what, until I get to a point where I will be “OK” to have FAIR matches again.

But care to explain above? I told from the beginning that after I will contact Blizzard, the next run will be a normal one, where I will have fair matches which … when I do have fair matches, I win, because yea, I am good.

So , let me explain to you again : When you win big, you will lose way bigger. And not because you are a bad player, but because THE system is in place that it will make you lose NO MATTER WHAT.


You welcome.

It doesn’t make sense to me. You claim they are forcing to you lose. Not just that, you also claim the opponents decks are suspicious.

So according to you they are hand picking your opponents to force you to lose. This also means they are forcing your opponent to win. By your own logic they are forcing wins and losses on demand at the same time.

And yet you want us to believe that while every loss of yours is scripted, every win is because you’re really good? You can’t have it both ways.

If they are forcing losses they are also forcing wins. If you think any loss is scripted then any win could have been scripted too.

Yup, to noobs maybe. The ones which aren’t in the “win-rate” the scripted system wants you to be. I made another posts about another run where the guy literally had lethal like 2 times and he played so bad that I was like “man , this guy will win no matter what he do”.

…and he did win!

But with all the above I wrote, you come up with all this?

Is not my logic. Is THE logic. So you have normal matches yes? 5-3 , 7-3 in arena, etc. You win some, you lose some. But then suddenly , you start to win big. The scripted system is like “wtf you do?” and then he throw you with some noobs or ones who have a bad ratio win/lose where you will 100% lose, no matter what you do.

This doesn’t happen all the times, because there are plenty of players to also have fair matches.

But I’m sure you still don’t get it and you believe that a player who makes amazing mistakes will win a match no matter what, is just…rng LOL. Or when 1 has perfect lethal the turn he will lose if he doesn’t win in that turn.

…yup, just “perfect” rng and “bad luck”.

Sure buddy!

I’ve played quite a bit of arena but I don’t believe it’s scripted. It’s terribly balanced however. Paladins, shamans, demon hunters, and hunters seem to have the edge right now, and I’ve never noticed hearthstone do anything to balance arena specifically. Druids can be terrifying if they get the nest, and rogues if they get lucky. Death knights are good if they get headless, or hand buffs, but their discover potential is nerfed since I almost never see the frost or blood rune discover guys come up in draft. Also, you can get forced out of a rune during the pick due to only having double rune picks.

Mages are hit and miss, so are priests, you can take a legendary pick and then get zero support for it, or with your priest, you can actually get forced to take a double of a card during the pick to nerf your legendary. I rarely come across warrior in arena, but as long as you can freeze/copy or silence something critical they usually aren’t a problem.

All that said, I’m done with arena, I either have to pick a class that feels like I’m playing with a handicap or pick one that I’m fighting an uphill battle with.

This isn’t for just arena it is how all of Hearthstone works (idk about battlegrounds or anything though)

Oh yes, BG too. My overall combat winrate is less than half of what the tracker calculates.

I notice it as well, as soon as you get some wins, all of a sudden all the MangoThief and barcode decks show up. Always with insane amounts of value and perfect curves.

First 3 games i get the perfect curve and quite lucky (against actual named players)

Then after 3 wins, all the craziness comes out. A barcode rogue that discovers the perfect answers to anything I do and outvalues me. A game where I get 4 5+ mana cards that I mulligan and then get another 4, where I just lose 15+ life because my draw is bad.

I’m on 4-2 now and my other win was against a normal named player and now it’s against FlaxRogue (who is playing a rogue of course) at least my opening hand is ok.

Oh and in 5 games i havent seen my own legendary at all.


Anyway , finished the run with 10-3 , literally what I said :

NO idea how I managed to get that far with this weak deck. I only saw 3 times Harth Stonebrew in case you were wondering, and every time I lost with him LOL.

Now if anyone come to me and tells me : Well, you had luck … 10 matches in a row ( because I had 10-0 then 10-3 ) , I will say to him “No dude! That’s not luck, that’s scripted outcome” , precisely what I said. If the scripted outcome comes in, you will win any match no matter what.

Look at my deck and tell me with a straight face, that this deck is a 10+ wins in arena LOL.

Anyway! It is known by now! Blizzard actually do have hidden outcome scripts in place.

GG Bliz …

I can tell you how BG’s work…you lose in a streak then 2 games after you get insane luck get triples into what you want and after that you streak lose again.

Also BG’s are rigged from the start…I do not know how many of you have noticed that when you have insane luck and let’s say play undead triple into a Titus, then triple into a kelthuzad and find exactly 0 morose cuz they are probably not in the pool…And you have the setup but lose cuz one minion is not there.

Or another example play murlocs completely insane on curve and find 0 bass gills until the end when it doesn’t matter anymore.

For anyone telling me it’s RNG, then why some minions are not being found in certain instances of the matches ? And why you have perfect luck after a streak of losses…

This is my opponent :

Even he said “Incredible”.

He hard PERFECT combo that turn. He hit me for 14 damage ( precisely ) , he played 4/2 weapon ( 4 mana ) and then the combo 3/2 x2 card with rush ( 3 mana ) to kill my x2 1/3 demons . Literally perfection. Even the mana, 7, was perfect.

This is not skill nor RNG. This is scripted outcome, because chances for him to have this perfect combo was something like … 1% or something.

Oh well.