Save the Date: Hearthstone Fall Reveal, Coming October 22!

It says right on the link in the bnet launcher that there will be a new game mode and a system revamp. Who knows what the new game mode will be but the system revamp shows a picture of a card pack and a little gear next to it so hopefully hopefully hopefully they are changing the monetization aspect.

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I would like to see a Highlander format. Larger decks with limit one legendary three epics. Something that makes you play with what you draw and not the current rock scissors paper environment where combos are all that matters. I used to play MTG and I walked away from Constructed play for this very reason. In a sealed format a simple but not powerful card like Fog could help you win a game. A lot of people have quit the game because they feel the need to constantly buy cards to stay competitive but if I just need a handful of cards and can play multiple decks because its less of a competition it’s also more fun. So you keep players in the game. You can see this in the current game where I enjoy playing and playing against Highlander decks a lot more than …here’s another bomb deck or its hunter secret or Mage highlander with the requisite 6 legendaries required to be tier one .Ok he gets to ten by freezing everything and then casts a puzzle box. I’m F2P and have competitive decks for 2-3 of the 10 races. Surely there are better formats than this. I’m not saying get rid of this format but maybe you could complement it. Wild makes no sense to me at all…the more cards you publish the more you break the format.

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I have at least 15 of the very top decklists maybe missing a couple cards for half of them but I have the dust to make the rest of the cards if needed. I never pay money just grind gold. If you’re bored try making up your own deck that’s not found on the internet. I made my own naga illidari demon hunter build that gets me high legend every month and gold demon hunter with probably 70% winrate.

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Hopefully they’ll actually start banning the cheaters. I don’t like going in a match and on the first turn the other player plays a card that is mysteriously a 1 cost card that summons 7 minions that are Gold Legendaries that have a cost between 5 and 10 each.

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So bad! 30+ cards but only 1 legendary? Also, highlander?? So bad

It already exists: it’s called arena

Highlander needs legendary cards to work: an highlander deck without legendaries is like an aggro deck without 1 mana drops :joy:


Proof or it never happened.
(spoiler: if it wasn’t a brawl or an adventure, then it never happened)


But the thing is you are missing a couple of cards so you don’t have the combinations that make the deck a tier one or two deck. Are you arguing that the current standard/wild formats are the best that could possibly be? That is certainly not true if you are a new player. And why are Blizzard announcing a new format?

Really…why is it so bad? That would make arena bad too wouldn’t it? But arena plays pretty well…sometimes with no legendaries. And how is wild faring with a card pool that now goes back three plus years? As I state below… are the current formats the best that could possibly be? I got my combo in first you die.

"Highlander needs legendary cards to work: an highlander deck without legendaries is like an aggro deck without 1 mana drops " No not at all…you have cards that bounce legendaries or copy them or give them to you. You have to choose wisely…its just like arena …in a different format cards have different values and being a larger deck muting game breaking combos effectively creates an arena format with your standard card pool. I also present this as a potential format…you could have two legendaries…40 cards 50 cards…It would work and for the majority of players it would be a more fun game. The two formats would coexist so if you want to play against the top standard decks there is nothing stopping you from being exclusively standard. Wild is degrading rapidly anyway so they need a new format and I think you will find that is what they are going to reveal.

You are judging something you have never played. If you want to play legendaries all day just play standard. They have a have a ranking system so you don’t spend all day crushing newbies but what if given access to a smaller card pool and playing to the utmost of their ability actually beat you or at least be more competitive? Where you don’t get as much of an advantage from your huge pool of cards compared to theirs. I’m a veteran and I feel I don’t need that advantage. The training wheels are off. The current format is driving players away and Blizzard know that. You can see it in promotions designed to bring old players back. What does that tell you?

I was going to say he should be into Arena then. Don’t need to start tweaking the modes out of casual boredom when there are very well defined modes already.
And yes that highlander idea is really bad. Blizzard is capable of creating actual new modes as shown with battlegrounds (which I suck at but still appreciate).

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To be top of the game you’ll always be missing a few cards due to the randomness and amount of legendaries you need for top decks. That’s where your dust reserves come in but you have to make strategic decisions about what to craft as well. You can get to the point in a year or two where you can have a top deck for each class ready to roll. That being said I don’t always craft for and complete every decklist after I have the lists worked out. You only need 4 for tournaments.

To change the subject slightly, I’m really sceptical about Blizzard feeling the need to update the classic and basics sets. Those cards now see plenty of play. Make them too powerful and the balance between sets is screwed up. How terrible would it be if the majority of cards in decks are evergreens. There are 6-7 sets at any time that are competing with evergreens. How are evergreens too weak that they need buffed? There are actually more evergreens on average in all topdecks than average seasonal temporary sets, whatever they should be called. Now if they only buffed certain evergreens and kept the good ones as they are, then I won’t be so concerned. Change all those cards and the possibilities for interesting off meta decks are gone just to appease people whining that they can’t play with every card in one deck.

Should I play an highlander deck with Zephrys? Or maybe with Reno Jackson? Nah, maybe a deathnkight will be better…
Or maybe… a deck that isn’t highlander at this point :open_mouth:
Or an highlander with highlander card :open_mouth:

In my opinion, this mode would lack of flavour: why is it better to play with only 1 legendary and 3 epics, but at the same time 50 cards in a deck? And monocopy too? What is the point of my deck at this point, just put in it some cards that aren’t too bad and aren’t too good?
I don’t get it, that’s why I think it’s a pointless mode

That’s how combo decks work :thinking:

I’m playing wild; I have an highlander hunter with 11 legendaries in it and i LOSE against budget discard lock. Why? because legendary cards aren’t necessary game breaking, sometimes they are just fun!

Removing them from a mode means that 70% of the decks (if not more) would be aggro decks.
Control decks with only 1 legendary and 3 epics can’t exist, expecially if the main deck has 40-50 cards.
Combo decks? dead as well. So it would be arenastone, but everyone is an aggro/tempo oriented deck with one copy of each card. Just play arena at this point: the only difference that I see is that this would be free, with no additional rewards and with a deckbuilding phase, but this isn’t enough to make it interesting in my opinion

This isn’t my fault: if I have cards in my collection I will use them as I want.
Fun fact: even if I play in wild, I don’t have a lot of the broken wild cards: Loatheb, Guldan, Reno… but I am there, fighting against raza priest and still made it to legend, with archwitch willow and kenretad.
I also can reassure you that I’m fighting against people with a huge collection, not newbies (judging by the hero portrait too); I’m also pretty sure newbies aren’t matched often against players with a full collection, because of the MMR system

If game designer Pat Nagle is also male, it’s literally a bunch of guys sitting around talking about gaming. Because apparently, they couldn’t find a woman ANYWHERE! Oooo…another “manel”. No thanks.

Fully brainwashed by facebook and China. I don’t get it. They can’t have 3 males out of 3?(without gender/race/whatever crossing your mind before anyone else’s)


It would be hard to keep legendaries and epics out of a game mode with current cards. Priest, mage, rogue, and other classes can easily discover or randomly get a legendary that didn’t start in the deck. That would also wreck highlander as a mode since you can just discover a copy of a card that’s in your deck. Togwaggle’s Scheme also exists in standard to dupicate cards.

This is working as intended.

Что вы сделали с портретами Тиранды и Утера? Они мерцают! У меня болят глаза!

I have a positive feeling about this new update.

World of Warcraft players know exactly what is coming. It’s the Darkmoon Faire! Just the thing when your studies at Scholomance are getting you down. Exams in the offing? Teachers loading you with homework? You need a break! Step through the portal to Darkmoon Island and play some games, do a little fishing, and battle wild beasts and undead metalheads in the forest. How will Hearthstone translate this? I can’t wait to see!

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