Save the Date: Hearthstone Fall Reveal, Coming October 22!

Save the Date: Hearthstone Fall Reveal, Coming October 22!

Tune in on October 22 for a preview of new content and major changes coming to Hearthstone.

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It’s 100% Darkmoon Faire.

“Come one, come all” is the title of the reveal video, the creepy eye, the balloons.


Looks like the Eye of C Thun


I believe you but what is Darkmoon Faire? Per my google results, it looks like a separate card game?

Nah, the expansion will be called “C’thun’s circus”.
If not, I will be disappointed


I’m more nervous about the “Major Changes” they talk about in the article. If it was just a set release that would be one thing. I’m guessing they are offering a new game mode or something?



Hopefully new game mode & updated basic & classic sets. Probably the changes to daily quests though.

It’s pronounced C’thun’s C’thircus.


Darkmoon Faire is a global event that takes place in World of Warcraft every month. It lasts for one week.

The event consists of a carnival like atmosphere with various games and challenges for players to try. Players earn Darkmoon Prize Tickets for participating in the event, which can be redeemed for prizes like toys, cosmetics, and powerful items.


You forgot to add that the Darkmoon Faire is considered sketchy - strange carnival games, disappearances, signs of Old God influence. It fits Hearthstone perfectly.


It’s like a sketchy, old-time fair that’s probably a front for the Old Gods.


That eye just made me wonder if someone in Azeroth had imprisoned Sauron. Also, there’s something fishy about the name Pat Nagle. It seems so familiar.


It better be a new game mode over announcing the next expansion. We were promised that for this expansion cycle.

I think they will announce many things, not only one.

I think this image is related to the new expansion, because in april we saw an image of future expansions; this “eye” reminds me of that image

at the start of the year they announced that it would be major changes at this set release, which would include a new game mode and a system overhaul (read update the reward system and much more)

Showing many eyes is more an N’zoth thing to do, well at least when you played world of warcraft. Like this is one of N’zoth leutnants:

I think that’s Y’shaaarj’s eye not C’thun’s.


It would be really lame if in addition to the new set they were just like… Battlegrounds is now… no longer Beta!

Also, didn’t they just revamp the entire card pack system, raking system, and ranking rewards? What else are they going to revamp?


In wow the darkmoon flair is really amazing with all the attractions and so… it is even a good experiense for starter accounts (level 20 worgon at kalimdor) . Maybey the game mode will be minigames where you spend gold to earn rewards.

But this better not me some lame thing where you habe to spend real money.

also the stream is gona startin the morning or in the evening at 8:00?

Definitely the Darkmoon Faire. And to Fyrfly, the Darkmoon Faire is a World of Warcraft event that’s a relatively spooky carnival that comes around every 3 months in game. It’s both and is not sinister in nature.