Rope mean NOTHING

Druid play 26 cards in one turn every animation not affected him and burning rope is only LOOP 5minutes animation on end

DO a fix ROPE IS END animation played SORRY your turn is OFF

The rope indicates how much time you have to play the card.
It does not indicate when the game stops your ongoing actions from performing.

The animation time is not the same at base for the player of the card, and for the opponent.

As the opponent, or even as the player in some cases, you can decide to shorten some animations.

When a card is played, it is instantaneously processed by the game. They can’t rollback based on what has been animated yet, since animations are not reliable.

It is even possible to create scenarios where the opponent sees the animations before the player.

In short, the rope only means how long you have to actually input your moves, and any input will be applied no matter what.

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you are lying i had the rope burn many times and the "too late your turn ended " pop up stopping a card from being played


Yep, there is no way any human could be searching through cards with their eyes and moving their hands fast enough to play a card get a random card play a card get a random card, draw a card look at it and keep playing fast enough to beat the rope.
No human can do that.
Yet some players can play through their deck twice over, taking several minutes.

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For having played hundreds of games of the tavern brawl where spells cost health, it’s not hard to play 30 cards and draw your entire deck in the same turn as long as you know what you are doing
If you have a gameplan and know in advance what to play, you have the time you need

That brawl is just a coin toss of whoever starts first wins because they can kill on turn one by cycling through the whole deck. The turn of your turn is enough to do all of that. Yet it will take several minutes for your opponent to watch all the animations to unfold.

I have been in the middle of playing a card and the fuse cut me off.

Yes, and ?
The rope indicates the allocated time to play your cards.
If you were about to play it but didn’t then yes the action will be denied if your time expires.

There can be some non-perfect sync between what’s shown and how much time you have left, even more so when you factor in the time it takes for your action to be registered.

But this has nothing to do with the fact that animations will keep unfolding for your opponent if you stacked them up.

I have timed people playing for two minutes after the rope is burned.
There is no way to play that many cards in the allotted time.
Even you agree with that. It’s not animations.

I’m always amazed at how many people still don’t understand how animations work. You can play cards as quickly as you want, even before animations for the previous card, or cards, resolve. And if you load up a lot of actions during the rope timer, you may still have to wait a minute or more after the rope technically burns out to see the turn resolve. Your opponent is not getting extra time to complete their OTK or whatever. In fact, in most cases when an opponent plays a combo with a long string of animations, they might even be gone and loading up their next game already while you think they are playing cards beyond the rope. Again, it’s just animations resolving! Nothing more.

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How do you know they were still playing cards and it was not simply the queue of cards unfolding ?


Once again, you jump the gun in valiant defense of HS. They aren’t lying. We’ve all seen what OP is describing. However, OP is wrong in their assumption of how it all works. The opposing player played all their cards, but the animations of said cards have yet to go off.

Their proposal should be the animations should just end and the end result revealed when the rope ends so the other player can have their full turn. OR increase the speed of animations or give the option to the player to increase speed of animations in the “Options” menu.

no matter how fast i play cards i never in 10 years been able to play cards after the rope ends so inknow they are lying

i had cards returned to my hand after i see them hit the board because the rope burn ended with the message "too late your turn ended " many many times

They didn’t. They played all cards before the rope ended, which is what OP is saying. The animations continuing is the issue, or should I say, the need for the animations to finish before the next turn begins regardless of the rope is what needs to change.

OK, explain to me the following pls:
The Opponent was with Reno, lone ranger, Arcane bullet power (deal 2 dmg, refresh 2 mana crystals) and like 10 seconds to rope start burning, played Coldarra drake (you can use your hero power countlessly should you have mana) and get me down to zero with 40 hp and some armor (so 20 + hits needed which with the animation requires a lot of time). The rope burned out while I still got 20+ HP. We don’t have here cards played from the hand nor ordering attack on cards on the board (attack on cards on board can be easily ordered while animation from the current attack is still pending). The opponent just spammed its hero power but how he/she did that after the rope burnt out? Is there any shortcut or key combination by which you could order a lot of strikes on the enemy hero (fast pressing on a button for instance) so the rope will have to wait until all applied intime commands are fulfilled or the enemy is set to zero, whichever comes first?


Nope. what they did, was putting down coldarra and then used their hero power as many times as they could before fuse burned out. That means, click on hero power, target face, repeat before animation even starts. And again, and again etc. The split second that hero power becomes available you should already be firing it again. Your opponent don’t have to wait for the animations to play out, you do.

Take a try in live with a friend, have him spam some Miracle combos, you’ll see that he’s already passed a while ago while you’re still watching the animations and the rope :ok_hand:

When your hero power stays the same, you can use it repeatedly without having to wait for the animation.
If the HP is available to use, you can click on it again almost instantly.
Same thing with a minion with windfury: you can schedule the second attack before it even starts the first attack

You only have to wait for the hero power if you change it in-between your actions

play on phone 30 cards in ONE turn! and ask my HOW…

Well. Blizzard could easily code it so that any animations still not done when the turn is over, doesn’t show. But that would lead to countless of threads where people suspects cheating and bugs. Because the animations show what’s happening. Even if not shown, the effect still takes place.

“I had 16 hp left when my turn started and I insta-died. HOW! ARE THEY CHEATING?!!!”

It would not lead to any threads, and here is how.
Almost all problems in games can be solved with a simple toggle.
And some already are in most games, they can always add more toggles.
Just add a toggle that you don’t want extended animations.

I have a genius level IQ and no one can dispute what I just said. I can solve problems very quickly.