Rogue + Jade Lotus cards stopped working

As of tonight, the Jade Lotus cards wont trigger the “card from another class” mechanic anymore.

I pray that this is just a bug because Spectral Cutlass decks FINALLY had a chance to survive hard aggro decks when having the right combination of jade + RoS cards in hand to instantly use “Vendetta” and “Underbelly Fence” + having a much needed durability for cutlass in hand to play so we could keep up with the ridiculous bombardment that is aggro.

Please fix it asap (or bring it back). This is just trolling people who didnt jump on the aggro train yet… smh

Mmm, I see this is a similar report as

so this coming from more than one source indicates this is not a misunderstanding of the card mechanics. It is great that you saw the effect with Vendetta, Underbelly Fence and Spectral Cutlass, the other report with Tess, it really looks like a general problem.

It’s not a bug, it’s a mechanic change treat as a hot fix.

Though the combo works about 2 years in wild.
It’s too op in arena, and that’s I think why blizzard “fix” it now.

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Thanks for the link! I had not seen the April 12th update. Why these bug fixes are not in the Bug Report forum is a bit puzzling to me (I don’t mind them being posted elsewhere as well).

well this change just ruined the last fun deck for me (wild thief). looks like im off to magic the gathering :/. why on earth do they nerf cards, like lotus agents, and leave op cards like in big priest.