Rewards Track Refresh for Fractured in Alterac Valley

Rewards Track Refresh for Fractured in Alterac Valley

It’s almost time for the Rewards Track to refresh with more loot than ever before!

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So is Vanessa an Epic or Legendary mercenary?
In the 22.0 patch she is an epic, but in this article she is a legendary in the images.

I hope you are not going to sell us Tavish skins separately :man_facepalming: :money_with_wings:


Rough translation: We added a bunch of Mercenaries junk.


‘celestial dragon’ sounds awfully vague

Dude, we get it you HATE mercs, but that isn’t the only thing they added. This is a really good rewards track.


Thanks for noticing.

Didn’t say it wasn’t. But, they did add a bunch of Mercs junk.


Has anyone done a comparison of the Alterac vs Stormwind tracks yet?


Yes junk for you, but other people still enjoy Mercs. They added stuff for Battlegrounds which not everyone plays.


The small print says Vanessa is an epic mercenary.

The celestial dragon seems like something for Asia, unless I missed that part of Warcraft lore. It’s odd that they didn’t include Tavish in the skins, but he wasn’t the one I really wanted of the four left.

I just hope that 10% xp is enough to get everything, becaus the reward track of Unite in Stormwind gave you 20% (if you bought the pass of course does not count for free players)

Same here, don’t play much on battlegrounds only the meta game and mercenaries. Finally I’m about to get bored on the old track anyways.

It looks the same. All of the passes have given 10, 15, or 20% based on your level. Not straight up 20% from the start.

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It doesn’t offer 20% from get go, you had to work your way from 10%-15% and then 20%

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Dear Blizzard team! Thank You for new rewards for ratings, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries! My favourite day is that day when You announce new rewards track from every expansion! Everytime I learn a list from table very attentively, all positions! Today I was very surprised! I dream to get in my collection new wonderful heroes and interesting portraits from heroes life (when they are young or in the future), amazing card backs, new diamond and golden cards, coins! Thank You for all this! Great work! Wish You a good luck and new creative ideas!


Sure, the dwarf gets left out. Shout out to my short, ginger homies <3

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When will the season pass be available?

honor points come from yesterday, so I started to play a lot to recieve new cards sooner. And only today came new kinda quest for points, and we must collect them again! from zero! why that blizzard?? all that Ive played yesterday was for nothing. Blizzard - its not fair, players dont have to suffer cause your systen has bugs and your quest for honor points came late. Fix it

This is my favourite moment, when Blizzard team announce new track with rewards and I investigate very attentively every position from the list (table)…

  1. The winter background with towers, barracks and caves
  2. At first page there are more rewards than in last expansion
  3. It’s the first time when we can get a bartender from the track
  4. An opportunity to get more heroes skins for battlegrounds
  5. Also we can earn mercenaries portraits

For me this is a really big and amazing surprise, because I enjoy to play battlegrounds and mercenaries, and I become very happy when I can get a new hero to my collection!!!