Rewards Track Refresh & Diamond Cards

Rewards Track Refresh & Diamond Cards

Forged in the Barrens brings a revamped Rewards Track and introduces Diamond cards!

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I like the looks of this except for the worse XP boost. That was the largest reason I was thinking about buying it. If the cosmetics are really nice it may still be worth it.


You mean like, when you force us now to play 1-4 hours to finally grind the missing 10-20 gold to our next pack / arena run, instead of doing so within 10-20 minutes like in the past when we had the opportunity to get 10 gold for every 3 wins?

You absolutely do know what you’re doing and how to get people into using more real money by making achivements harder to reach.

Good joke.


Only 4 Heros get Hero skins for the rewards track? Am I reading this right…
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Why the F would i want golden versions of cards i can not dissenchant? And why put them in the reward track? I dont care about golden cards.

You also butchered the gold reward. (Gold to exp ratio is lower not to mention you get useless gold cards instead of gold on some levels)


Only three got them last time: mage, shaman, and warrior.


Oh man i hope they keep adding coins for all previous expansions… very cool!


They’ve halved the average amount of XP per level compared to the MDF track up until level 100 (the equivalent of level 50 on MDF). So you’ll get level up twice as fast on Barrens. On the MDF track the 20% boost is at level 35, on the Barrens track the 20% boost it at level 70 (ie. 2 x 35).

This is basically a non-change, except it seems to confuse some people.

Beyond that note, there are two things I like in the announcement:

Additionally, you’ll now be able to re-roll the guaranteed Weekly Quest: Win 5 games of Ranked Play Mode.

I’ve been asking for something like this ever since I learned the quest couldn’t be rerolled around week 2 or so of the MDF track.

We’ve also added a Bigglesworth coin for collecting one of every card from Scholomance Academy. Collect all 135 cards from Scholomance Academy and this new coin will be yours!

Best coin ever.


i haven’t checked the previous rewards but i was thinking the same thing, why would anyone want a golden common or rare , instead of 100 or more gold


Looks Great Thanks for the new stuff.


if you check the summary in the post you will see that you get the same amount of rewards and get the golden cards as an extra bonus


Well, according to the comparison table in the article, we do not seem to lost anything, just gained more, even though I am not that impressed by non-disenchantable rewards :slight_smile:


Regis was kind enough to point that out when I opened my dumb yap in his chat. :smiley:

I’d missed the part about ranked quests. I wonder if they’ll reroll into the smaller 1750 quests or into new 2500xp ones.


Well, I guess everyone hopes it will be new 2500 ones :slight_smile:


Wow. I like the new stuff. I liked it after the adjustments you made. I got the most gold ever and didn’t even play more than before. If the price is right then I will buy the pass this time.
(I’m not into cosmetics but the diamond cards look great)


Hey buddy? Literally, what are you talking about?


Is there a price for the Tavern Pass? Will it be purchasable with in-game gold?

I agree with others’ sentiments around giving golden cards that you can’t even disenchant as being a bad move. After the whole fiasco of de-valuing the Classic Set I have totally lost interest in building a Golden Set of cards. I would rather just receive a gold reward and make these golden cards obtainable through packs (or for anyone that still wants to waste dust crafting golden cards - get them that way). Now we are all going to be stuck with a few Golden Cards in our collections that we can’t get rid of which will just look annoying.

Similarly with Diamond cards - why can’t we disenchant these? If those cards end up being really poor in play - we are again stuck with a useless (but flashy) card. Why give a Diamond ‘Shaman’ card as a reward for collecting all Legendary Cards? What if you never play Shaman? At least give a Neutral card so everyone can use it (or as said earlier - let us disenchant it).

I think I would also get rid of the ‘Year of the Phoenix’ card packs, and just give ‘Forged in the Barrens’ card packs. Whilst these packs are ok for brand new players who have missed older expansions - the players that have previously bought every expansion have likely got all the cards now from the previous expansions so we will just be dusting them - and we all know how appalling the dust system is. I’d rather have 100g to buy a current card pack, than 40 dust we will get from a typical pack of cards I most likely own (4 commons and 1 rare) which will let me craft 1 common…

So whilst Blizzard would have us believe we are getting a better deal by getting ‘11 packs’ this time vs ‘10 packs’ on the last Reward Track… I would argue we are getting a worse deal. Last track had 5 current packs (likely containing cards we didn’t own) and 5 less useful packs (Scholomancy, Ashes or Year of Dragon packs - likely containing cards we already owned)… This Reward Track we get 3 current packs and 8 packs likely to contain cards we already have. Not sure that’s a good deal in my book.


If you were let’s say at 140 gold before the new XP system you just needed to get 3 wins to make 150 gold and start an arena run. Or 90 to 100 for a pack. Now if you are close to one of these numbers, and you can only earn 400XP per hour and need 1500 for an level up, that means that you would need to grind games between 0-4 hours to get the next gold reward.

What previously took you 10 min could take you 60 or 120 minutes now.
It makes it harder to get to the next gold, you get more at once, but later. This system aims at us spending more money ingame to bridge the waiting times. The next season pass seems to make this even worse.


The next season pass isn’t any worse in terms of XP. It looks that way because they changed the cost of levels. I made the same mistake.

so the amount of Gold for completing the pass is 5650 gold. Seems worse to me.

Yes I know you get more for later levels after 100, and Im currently 199 in the current pass and have over 14k gold.

The rewards track as a whole looks decent but not sure if the gold is enough - plus the XP after level 100 is more than what is required now right?

edit : no its the same gold. in that case - yeh sweet

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