Revamping Progression & Rewards in Hearthstone

I imagine for the next 10 expansions you will be able to get one, so they created a long-term reward system that will pay dividends till then, and then they can come up with something else.


I could pretty much earn a free pack EVERY day by simply doing my daily quest and some games.

I wonder at what rate we will get new packs with these changes.


To me these quests seem to require more time and gameplay investment for less reward overall.

Not too thrilled. There are so few details… But i know i prefered to open a new Card Pack everyday than playing for a week to maybe earn the same.

Sorry, but instagratification absolutely wins for me.


Good concept. It will be interesting to see how the new system will work.

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According to the reveal stream, you should earn the same amount of Gold during an expansion if you play as much as you do now. But you will apparently also get additional packs and other rewards.

See, this is my problem, I play as little as I can to do my daily quests and I strongly prefer to complete my quests in tavern brawl rather than play mode. Honestly I only play this game because I’ve already invested so much. With this new system not only I am going to have to play much more frequently, I am going to be forced to play game modes I don’t want. On top of that rewards for daily and weekly quests are xp points, not gold. I have so many questions but at the end of the day I believe this is really going to screw people.


Some really good ideas but six expansions a year? I guess that is great news if you are a professional player or trust fund kiddie…but if it all gets too much it’s time to play another game. I can buy a game on Steam for 8 dollars…not 80 for some of it. I was hoping they would sunset Wild in favor of a Singetary standard format that would rely less on having combos…no such luck. The key change is that it’s once again going to be harder and harder to stay current. It’s the one mistake the game designers keep making. I know the zealots will attack this post but the Singetary games I’ve played in the Galakrond expansion were some of the most fun ever…the game board evolved, the games shifted momentum and entire decks were spent without being dominated by fast combos. If you have to sprint to keep up eventually you will run out of breath.


After installing the update (iOS), Beaming Sidekick seems to be bugged- at least for me.

Hi all! I already bought the Tavern Pass previously. Will I have to buy a new one once these changes have been implemented?

Also Guardian Augmerchant :slight_smile:

Yeah I dunno, the xp thing seems confusing

What was so wrong with gold??? Now does gold even exist anymore, or is XP the new currency?

Personally I could give two craps about achievements, never cared about them in WoW nor do I in hearthstone. Nor do I care much about cosmetics like alternate hero portraits

I just wanted to log in, grind out some gold in casual or ranked standard or wild, and hopefully earn enough to buy about a pack every 2 days with gold. Now it’s “XP” for cosmetic things I don’t really care about

Not enthused but I’ll reserve further judgement until I see how it plays out


Can the tavern pass and battle pass both be purchased with gold?

This game has gone from being grindy to very grindy to impossibly grindy. I used to spend money here. No more. Looks like I am down to Arena only basically. Sad, because I liked constructed until the last progression revamp. Players like me who might have played daily to complete quests for gold, lost the ability to maintain progression from month to month with the last revamp. Now we lost the ability to earn gold and choose how to spend our rewards? If I cant earn gold for Arena, I wont be playing ANYTHING here.


Where did you see it say theres going to be 6 expansions a year thats insane

Nothing new really. New Expansion is more of the same from what I can see. Game will be more expensive…so I am not coming back yet…maybe in April.


Mini expansion between each major expansion

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Is there any timeline on when we will get exact details of what the exp levels are going to be, average exp per daily quest, and average exp for weekly quests? I’m cautiously optimistic about this revamp, but there are still a lot of unknowns still. I know the reveal listed some numbers for quests, but those are labeled as not final yet, and the level system is scarce on details as well.

Also, will completing achievements reward any gold, dust, or exp? I love achievement systems in general, but being able to have them as part of the progression system would be very helpful, even if it’s only a small amount compared to something like daily quests.

Similarly, I see that the mega bundle will include Battlegrounds perks. Will either of the prepurchase bundles affect the new progression system in any way? I thought I caught a brief reference to it doing so during the call with Frodan, but the comparison chart between the regular bundle and the mega bundle gives no indication that there will be.


So now that there are no more Gold rewards for quests, does this means I cannot bank gold for the next expansion? I usually stop opening packs and save all my gold after crafting 2 meta decks. Would i still be able to do this when the new system comes online?


The new progression system sounds fine, but I don’t see how it addresses the whole “it feels really bad when you miss a daily quest” thing that was mentioned in the chat with Frodan. Maybe I’m missing something, but it looks like it is just a change from “that gold is lost forever” to “that experience is lost forever”, and XP translates into gold so… how is this better? Is it better because there are now 4 daily quest slots instead of 3, and weekly quests, too? That is better, but not fundamentally different.

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They stated clearly three expansions plus three sub expansions between these.