Revamping Progression & Rewards in Hearthstone

Revamping Progression & Rewards in Hearthstone

We’re adding Achievements, Profile Pages, Reward Tracks, and revamping the Quest system!

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How much gold are you giving in the new reward system, since you decided to add a mini expansion every expansion it is doing the game more expensive by default. Also, it was said in the stream that its a big deal to lose a gold quest mision for a day od not playing, but there is not going to be that much of a problem with the new exp misions, does that mean that even if you have 3 exp daily misions and you dont play, the next misions will be stored and will show up when there is a slot, because I dont see being any different that way from the gold misions when are lost for not having a free slot.
I would like to know more details about how exp is going to be given, it could sound good the way you put it, but if it means that I have to log in every single day without skipping and doing it for the full duration of the set, would be too much.


Wow! What a big change.

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I do like the achievement system. I do have a question for the Tavern Pass though. Is that only purchasable with money, or will it be purchasable with the in-game currency? Fortnite lets you get theirs with currency and if you play enough you can be self-sustainable. Will the same be here, or will you have to pay real money every time?


Could you maybe not force us to choose only one out of ten free hero portraits?


Will Quests finally count for all game modes not just arena normal/ranked and tavern for example if i do a battleground and get in top 4 would that count as a win?

Or playing adeventure mode would i win thru that or is it only vs other players you can complete quests? Further more will it mean i who have farmed every expansion since beta have to buy gold to buy expansion packs or is the in game currency gonna still be obtainable. Well can’t say im shocked every game these day " needs" their battlepasses.


I really don’t like the idea of not being able to get all the portraits, but other than that everything else looks amazing.


I’m betting there will be tons of deals for you to get some of this portraits by spending some cash, which is ok … don’t see it that bad since everything else seems to be ok.

Played HS since day 1. Gave up recently. I invested some money but mostly I tried to play F2P.
In all these years wasn’t able to complete any editions. Not a single one… (not even standard xD )
Had some hope for this “revamp”. Guess not… just the usual money grab. Maybe in the next revamp.


if you buy the pass with gold you will have less gold to buy packs from next new expansion. get your wallet ready :smiley:


Just curious on how long/often you have to play for the pass to complete. e.g. Completable in a month with a week skipped or have to suffer several months to complete it.


Would you prefer to be given one at random? It does fit the spirit of the game more.


This seems like a welcome improvement, but I’m sad to see that the quest revamp is missing the feature I was most hoping for: the ability to “pause” a quest. For me, the most frustrating part of this entire game is when I have a high-paying quest I want to complete and a low-paying quest that I don’t want to complete, but it’s impossible to complete the one without the other, so I swap out the low-paying one, only to get another low-paying one that is also impossible not to complete!


I hate the idea of daily and weekly quests giving xp and not gold. I don’t want a lot of these changes. Hearthstone is not a cool enough game to spend money on and it’s not enough fun to spent lots of time on. In my opinion you should focus on making the game more fun, or cheaper. I don’t have high expectations.


Question to dev team:

  • Will we have play with friend weakly quest?

Everything is more fun with friends.


As someone that tries to make and play decks with all the classes I hate the idea that you can only choose one of those 10 new Heroes. Even if that continues with the next expansions it would still be like more than 3 years to complete. What am I supposed to choose? My favorite class I guess would be Mage. But what about the other classes? I successfully build decks I like with those classes too. Even with Demon Hunter. I really don’t like that you can’t quickly get any you want. What if I choose this one and I enjoy it but next week I would like to play that deck and regret choosing not the Hero for that class. I hate that so much. If there will be an option to ignore until I can get all I’ll probably do that.


Lazily copied reward system from MtG Arena.


“Complete all 50 levels on the Reward Track and you’ll get to choose from one of 10 all-new Hero Skins!” Will you only be able to get 1? will you not be able to get the others in other ways? semms like a strange choice if so…


Also how fast do You level? If it’s gonna be 3 months daily grinding for 8 hours to get level 50 (WITHOUT PAYING FOR 10% BOOST). It’s not encouraging.


Does achievements start tracking our progression from the new xpac, or will I see that I have already done some of them in the past?