Returning Player Gifts

Hello everyone,

With the 24.6 update we launched a special test campaign to welcome players that are returning to Hearthstone, in the form of 20, 80, and 150 card pack bundles. It’s been great to see the excitement from players receiving those bundles, but we’ve also seen some common questions on the details.

Regarding eligibility, this campaign is limited to particular regions and types of players. For this iteration of returning player gifts, we’ve expanded the number of countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Various additional factors went into determining gift tiers across player groups, such as when they were last active in Ranked, or the number of expansions they’ve engaged with. Those eligible received their gift on November 2, and have until December 31 to claim it.

As we continue making major updates to the game, our goal is to make it easier for players who may have missed out for a while to come back in, catch up to what’s new, and re-experience the fun of playing Hearthstone. We’ll continue monitoring data along with your feedback, and hope to make these more widely available in the future as we refine and welcome more players back to the Tavern.


screw me for giving you 80 bucks the other day, right ?


Translation: we’ll continue to shaft long time players who remained loyal, because we don’t understand basic business principles!

Can’t even give away the new DK cards like you did for the Demon Hunter when it came out.

Typical actiblizz.


I was one of the lucky people who randomly got 150 packs added to my account. I had stopped playing hearthstone years ago and had no plans to come back - I was able to build a few decks and get back into the game. Last couple days have been a blast to play and rediscover hearthstone.


I’ll grant that these gifts feel unfair from an earning your resources standpoint. However, for me that tradeoff is worth it to keep people playing the game (and hopefully reduce queue times).

150 packs is probably excessive, but the other returning gift amounts make sense to me. Even F2P players are going to be well ahead of someone who missed 1 or more expansions and gets gifted 80 packs.

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i dont think its excessive if the player who gets it been away for a year …

regular player can get that many packs in 2 expansions


So you are giving 150$ worth of goods to someone who doesn’t spend money on your company and nothing to people who actually do?

**** you very much, *******


I see no point of playing in this game as there are big rewards for not playing it.


Hi, I stopped playing after Alteracs Valley and didnt play at all in 2022. Played rank usually to legend each month, and also classic, but hardly played other modes. Spent some money but not a whale. In the SEA server (which is same as the US I think), but I am situated in Singapore. Started playing when the game first went live eons ago, and stopped for two years (in 2018 and 2019) before picking up the game again until I stopped again end of 2021.

Based on the above information, am i eligible for the gifts?

I havent got anything when i went to battlenet, but didnt want to log in to the game itself to check cos if it eventually extends to my region (if that is the case), then I might end up forfeiting it because the game might perceive me to be active.

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So once again, in less than 6 months, a huge volume of packs are being given out for free. Which to be honest I fully support bringing new players in.

But what about your actual customers and you know, the people who actually sustain this game?
You keep taking your customers for granted while trying to attract new ones and this is just a plain wrong business decision.

You guys could do things like offering a free hero icon of choice that was previously sold in the shop to the people who actuslly play the game for example… a very small offer compared to 150 packs but would still go a long way in terms of recognizing your actual customers while doing your thing to attract new ones…


This Bundle is an absolute joke and makes me very angry with blizzard. Ive blought every pre purchase Bundle since the came up every skin and all the Bundles. A few 1000$ worth of digital items. Why dont i get these free packs as well as a paying customer makes no sense. It wouldt stop me buying more stuff in the furutre anyway since im 100% collection anyway. For me it would just be some extra dust wich is far less then 150 packs of new cards but at least its something instead of rewarding players for quitting the game.


Whatever information you’re using to decide who gets packs is awful. I haven’t played in literally years. I came back last month randomly and still don’t qualify. I can’t make but like one playable deck in standard and somehow still get nothing.


Its really sad, I was just thinking of buying the pack bundle but dont really play that much. Now I see people who dont play at all get 150 packs, well I guess I will stop playing for years and see if in 3 years I get a welcome package. Hopefully the players that receive the packs will keep on playing for those 3 years since you gave them something for free, right.


Point blank, blizzard is trying to get players to return to the game to get more money. I am almost sure the people getting 150 might be players who use to spend a lot of money and then left the game for years. This will entice players to keep playing and maybe spend more in the future. But in turn it will make hardcore players talk bad about blizzard and blizzard hopes you will get over it and continue buying and playing the game. At this point I basically am not spending any more money on hearthstone and eventually will leave the game as it seems like its a big waste of money now.


And as loyal players we get…?


Twitch Drops not enable make active players watch stream get nothing.
Returning Players Gifts gave AFK players 150 pack.
I think u know what kind player u want to be.


Me too. I want bought travent pass on MLK but decide just not do it & I will let my second account be AFK waiting for 150 pack.


Hello, returning player here.

I got 80 packs and I am excited to get to opening them and this definitely increases the chances of me playing more again, however I have just one question.

What determines why I got 80 and another friend got the 150 pack despite both of us not really playing at all in around the exact same time frame because last time we both played was at the same time? Thank you.


Americas server its actually one of the biggest servers. It includes NA, CA and SA. Even with that, Is just NA the one benefited with this AFK Welcome back gift? Or This is just a missunderstanding?