Reporting players

I was told I could right click on a player to report them in hearthstone, how do I do this on mobile.

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you don’t…you can not report players from within the hearthstone mobile application. You can only do this from and only if they are currently on your friend list.

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Well if the person who is doing the harassing blocks me, how can I report them if they aren’t on my friends list? Apparently a popular way to harass people is to make friends with them, harass them, and then block them. How can we report people who do this?

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Short answer…you can’t…and this is the problem.


StevenSensei’s reply is incorrect.

Go to the battle-net client. Click the Social tab. You can find a list of all recent chats in the left hand side. Click the one where you were harassed, find one of the offensive messages, right-click it, then click “Report”.


Or better yet not even accept their friend request because 9 times out of 10 you know it’s not going to be someone going “Hey Bro, good game” but the opposite.


I don’t find this to be the case at all.

Quite the opposite actually. There’s the occasional idiot, but for the most part people are really nice.


I agree with TrunipBob. There are some people out there who friend you, call you names, and unfriend you, but for the most part when I receive a friend request after a game the player is very nice and fun to talk to.

I am curious. How can someone from HS harass you?

I am genuinely curious. As someone who once suffered harassment from a different online game and comparing it to HS…I just don’t see HOW someone can harass you on here and I would like to know what they did.

Crazy, that is not really harassment. That is just a drive-by jerk. Shake it off and move on. Harassment, to me, is someone continually trying to make your life miserable over time and you not really being able to do something about it.

It is even possible you deserve their drive-by jerkiness…were you playing a net-deck in casual or something? :wink:

No. Nor does a woman deserve to be assaulted for wearing a short skirt.


Auto - a woman wearing a short skirt is not being a jerk so, of course, she doesn’t deserve it :wink:

Nor is someone playing a deck they looked up online or saw played on a stream.

edit to clarify: I am not comparing the two hypothetical incidents; simply comparing the misguided justification.


Of course it is. It’s CASUAL. Play your own deck. Play other peoples’ deck on the Ladder.

We will disagree on this but SOME people will consider it jerkish and will be jerkish in return.

It is not ‘harassment’…unfriend them and move on. They can’t keep talking to you or doing things to you if you do that (or maybe they can? that is why I asked).

According to Webster, a part of the definition of harassment is “to annoy persistently”. A one time harassment that cannot be continued is just something to shake off and move on. Water off a duck’s back and all that. Someone said something mean to you once and can’t do it again. Let it go. I am a teen. People say mean things to me all the time :wink:

I brought up my example because you COULD be doing something that some others might consider jerkish and let you know.

Seriously, just let it go. However, persistent harassment of you by the same people/group should be reported.

I wasn’t arguing the use of the word harrassment. I’m just saying that playing a deck (in casual) that you saw on stream that looks fun is not a justification for a player to friend you, unleash a barrage of foul, vulgar insults, and then unfriend. The unfriending is irrelevant. The language is absolutely inappropriate and a violation of the games rules on player behavior. It can and should be reported. The player that did that should be warned to adjust his behavior or, if he is not compliant, be removed from the game.


So, you want them punished and change their behavior. You want to put the HS police on them.

I understand the feeling but what you want is unrealistic. I feel weird being a teen telling you this as you are likely older, but you need to get over that feeling because it is not going to happen. Actually, maybe it is BECAUSE you are likely an adult that you find this so infuriating. Adults seem to be just as mean to each other as kids… it is just that they hide it better and are not usually so overt, I guess.

If you were walking on the street and someone tells you “You $%^$&%$&^%” then walks away…that is inappropriate behavior…but are you going to call the police? THAT is much worse the what you are describing on HS. If you would call the police do you really expect them to do anything? Do you think they will feel it is an appropriate use of their time? Likely not. They will likely tell you to call them again if this person keeps doing it.

The way the designers have HS set up, they can only do it to you once.

Give up your desire to change others and/or want them punished. It’s not going to happen and it will just make you old and grumpy :wink: Water off a duck’s back :slight_smile:

wtf are you talking about


walking away …

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It’s inappropriate behavior according to the rules of conduct in the game. If that person is reported, a Blizzard rep will warn them that this sort of behavior is inappropriate and can get their account banned if they continue, then maybe that person will conduct themselves more appropriately. That makes for a better game environment for everyone.


Sulf, which word didn’t you understand? :wink: