Reporting players

Can someone look into a player named “SuperNinja” (so original…). I just did a match with him where he killed me, which isn’t the issue- The issue is he was still playing somehow even after the timer went down to the last second and continued to play even after, it must’ve been like a full minute of constant playing cards until he used some combo that killed me (which is then twice as weird because his BC activated twice and he didn’t have anything which allowed the effect to my knowledge- then again he was spamming coins left and right so that bit I might’ve missed but still.)

Have you ever considered that even a netdeck requires some practice? Why should they have to do that all on ladder in your fantasy rule land?


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Sad to see its’ still an issue, whether it be typed, forgetting to squelch since there is no option to auto do it and they are almost always used to do so (those who deny it either don’t really play as much or are the part of the problem) or being unable to squelch in Battlegrounds at all and are actually able to pay to do so!

Not getting a penny from me until these things are fixed.

(This is the part where all the others who are part of the problem downvote or say something to make the victims like us look like the problem.)

how dumb is that that you can only report a person on your friends list… that 100% defeats the purpose of reporting…


reporting blizzard bots is useless

Today I ran into a player whose ability is constantly flashing, but he constantly afk uses the persona ability and again afk … please ban the bot with his nickname Noobsaibot, please check and punish.