Remove top 5 cards from your opponents deck

Anyone else think this kinda mechanics ruins the game?

Why not make a 1 mana card that removes 30 cards from your opponents deck instead?


Why would you make a 1-mana card that removes your opponents’ deck entirely? That’s a stupidly OP card.


He is already pointing out that with the right cards it already happens. It is a severely unbalanced mechanic. Making a 1 mana is the over zealous exageration of what all ready happens with no way to stop it. I was milled 15 cards in my last standard match. Corruption is ruining the game for casuals. Standard feels like Wild right now with no way to stop certain classes. Warlock being the most obtrusive of them all. It should mill cards from both decks at minimum not just from your opponent.

Not for 1 mana, and not 30 cards. You might as well argue that a 1-mana give your hero +30 attack is reasonable just because Soulshard Lapidary exists.


nothing wrong with tickitus by the time you play him your already dead


the problem is that its repeatable. and the issue is wombo combo decks, which the devs have yet to figure out an elegant solution to.

the solution in early MTG was discard mechanic for a relatively steep price.
but the way you can fill up your hand, and figure out ways to infinitely rez minions, maybe hypnotic specter isnt the solution.

personally i would just bake discard into 1-3 classes on otherwise eh minions and spells, and come up with a keyword for MTG’s “buried” so not all cards can come back, as well as keywords for battlecries and spells that cant be empowered in some way as to not cast twice.

finally, these have to cost enough to only be included in decks sparingly unless combo is meta, because hand discard is super unfun to play against, just like mill.

exactly what someone that think only aggro decks exist would say…may as well be a flat earth believer because all you see is flat ground…anyway…would not be surprise if standard all you ever see is aggro DH since they lack optimized anti-aggro tools

Nah he has a valid point. On a normal curve without coins or discount shenanigans, tickatus comes down on turn 8 and that’s if you have it in hand, and have corrupted it. That’s really far into the game.

I would hardly say that clown druid and paladin are aggro decks. But both of those decks can straight up win by turn 8 against warlock.


Absolutely not! It only enhances the game! Love this card so much.

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its game breaking aok…he need nerf down to 2 cards burnts…3 would be disgusting but make him 8-9 mana cost in such case so he’s much harder to corrupt if only get nerf down to 3…at 6-7 mana 2 cards burnt is enough…Felosophy and Brann on top of it create massive burning already with just 2…5 is ridiculous

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hmmmm not sure about that. Mine still works fine. Maybe you should just learn to counter.

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there no counter to Tickatus…Elysianna only fill deck with junk most of the time and if she get burn then no refilling…and ya…you dont fight control deck with junk shuffled cards in…also since your so smart how do you counter Tickatus ? WITHOUT answering aggro or otk deck because thats the most stupid answer you could give…whats your answer for control vs control umm ?

I can play Tickatus without being punished if there’s been a big board clear by my opponent or when they are too busy setting up their own win conditions, playing a bunch of discover cards, failing to place enough damage during their turn. There’s a bunch of devolving plays, polymorphs, minion steals you can use to ensure that it doesn’t go back into the deck or hand or both… legendary removal cards, spells, deck switches and unrelenting hateful aggression.

Flint not what i meant…i mean for the player getting all his cards burnt hard…not how the warlock plan to play it…Ticka burn 10(with Brann or Felosophy) and another 5 if the lock get another 1 from Yshaar aka deplete the entire deck with no drawback

he doenst haave any idea whats hes talking about

setting up tickatus to mill 30 cards isnt as easy as he claims by comparing it to a 1 mana card


easier than you would think…though 30 is just figurative as its nearly that much …also…fish Tickatus with Dark Portal and he’s a 1 mana lol but getting him that way is meh cause full spell deck is bad…also here

Mage is probably your best option, time your secrets right and Bran gets sheeped limiting the damage, time your quests right and you may not see Tickatus at all.

Well since i now have to both think for myself and you heres a list i put together on another post where someone was crying about the same card.

Here are some options to prevent losing to tickatus:

  • Play your own tickatus and burn your oponents.
  • Play aggro decks and beat your opponent before turn 6
  • Play a deck that doesn’t require you to use all 30 cards from your deck
  • Hecklebot - Not very reliable but its possible, pull your opponents tickatus
  • Duel - another option to pull your opponents tickatus out.
  • Boompistol Bully - Now tickatus costs 11 and is unplayable. Its pretty easy to tell when tickatus will be played if your opponent cast a 7 mana+ card
  • Bullwark of azinoth + 2 hoard pillagers. As long as you clear every threat on board this will absorb 12 points of fatigue damage. This is one i pulled off against a warlock before so this can actually be done.
  • Mindreader Illucia - Unfortunately you will almost always burn your own cards after swapping hands and decks, but hey at least now their y’shaarj wont add it to hand because YOU played it
    *Toggwaggles scheme- You can had a billion cards into your deck, Now you dont have to worry about fatigue!
  • Educated Elekk - Another way of adding in a bunch of cards into your deck.

But in all honesty unless your losing to this deck 3 or 4 times every 10 games then it isn’t even worth teching against.

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  1. playing own tickatus doesn,t fix the problem
    2.already said thats a bad answer
    3.control vs control will alway need up to 26+ cards…and especially key cards to answer particular plays…Tickatus will destroy about all of the answers
    4&5…rng and entirely unreliable
    6.that only delay Tick for 1 turn since you cant spam the battlecry over and over(unless shudderwork which is a pretty bad deck deep legend)
    7.bulwark wont protect you from 4-8 guldan + zoth…not sure what sort lock you fought but probably had rly low value in mass rezzing

  2. Illucia for ticka is a terrible play no matter how you look at it…vs lock you dont rly want them to wreck your hand either if ya gotta answer to mass spawn of demons from guldan…only viable time to illucia a warlock is early game game(turn 5-6 or if your hand is fully deplete of your good cards)
    9.added junk cards lol

EDIT: well…that 2 refuse to appear as a 8…tryed editing it but it still appear as a 2

I was talking about standard. so the whole guldan nzoth spam isn’t really an thing for me. I feel like there should be more answers to tickatus warlcok in wild. Now im just curious as to what you play where tickatus wild warlock would be an issue. I haven’t played much wild as of late so no clue what the meta is but i still own a lot of the wild cards.