Problem with iPhoneSE (2020)

Game freezes as soon as you want to write a chat message

Hey, Puscifer! It sounds like the same issue reported on this thread.

The common workaround for this is to try switching the language for Hearthstone.

Sorry but that doesn’t work for me. And when it comes to the fact that that’s not another elegant solution either? Don’t be angry, but I would expect more as a customer

Hey there,

So to clarify, does it not fix the problem when you switch to English? Please be advised that we don’t consider this a fix, it’s a work around for a likely bug.

no sorry not for me :frowning:

Thank you for the update, Puscifer! I’m sorry about the wording earlier, it is a workaround not a fix (adjusted the wording above). I’m getting this added over to our tracking in the mean time so that we can gather information for our team to look into again.

We’ve seen some other reports where this no longer works for some. Just to check on some basics, have you tried reinstalling the game since the issue?

Hello thanks for the information. Yes, I also tried a new installation. As I said it is the newly heard iPhone SE with the very last ios updates. Thank you for your effort. I hope it works soon. best regards

Appreciate the details, Puscifer! We’re still gathering data on this issue recently. If there’s any new workarounds found or shared, it’ll be on the main thread :slight_smile: Thanks, again!

with today’s update it works yes big thx!