Problem with Card Reveals? Hope people get punished

So, apparently after the lawsuit was announced against Blizzard today. The streamers responsible for card reveals today have decided to not post the cards as scheduled… I guess as some form of protest against Blizzard/Activision?

I sincerely hope Blizzard just posts those cards to their website at and ruin it for the people who were supposed to reveal.

I also hope that those who failed to reveal on time are not given the opportunity to reveal another card in future expansions.



Exactly as female were punished and sexu**** harassed at work? Going as far as suicide for some of them? Or you are going to discard that fact only because “I wAnT tO sEe tHe CarDs”

So much solidarity for employee working hard I see…

P.S : It’s based on a 2 years investigation and many witnesses. Hard fact.


Don’t get me wrong… I read up on the lawsuit, if even HALF of what is alleged is true, it’s horrible.

I definitely stand with the women affected by anything that took place in the company.

My question is… what does not revealing a card on time accomplish?

If This was something like an official Blizzard live-stream event that would promote Blizzard and help them make money, I would totally understand refusing to participate… But not revealing a card on the scheduled time doesn’t hurt Blizzard at all, they don’t care lol… Hell, they could even post the card themselves if they wanted to (as I alluded to in OP)

Refusing to reveal the card on time hurts only the community of players who were waiting to see it.



I believe it’s a way to send a message to the community. To make sure most of us are aware of what’s going on at Activision.

And to be ready to boycott their product. Which I will moving forward. They lost my money and I’m sure many other will do the same!

However I understand your point of view. It may be annoying for players to not be able to see the cards…

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what the hell are they thinking?
There are judges and lawyers for a reason, WE don’t need to get involved in something that is beyond us.

My actions have no effect on what will happen to blizzard, leave me out of this

how does “not revealling cards” help this?
People who were interested about the cae (judges, lawyers) already know it.
People who didn’t care, still don’t care.
People who like drama (like Zeddy, probably) will take this opportunity to milk some good $, not because they are good people.

Let’s see how long will it take for zeddy (random name, it’s the only one I know due to people posting in the forum his video) to release a video about it.
I’ll say less than 3 hours (unless he is sleeping due to timezones)

probably this, but it still annoying


I saw Alliestrasza video, and I think that she gived a good reason to not revealing the card today. She is not trying to boycott the game or the company, what she wanted was to be respectfull, give the situation a space to breath and give us some kind of good message regarding what happened. I think it is completely reasonable.

Even tho I would like to see those new cards, the Hearthstone people might not have a good reason to show them anyway. So if they can wait, they might as well just be respectfull with what is hapening and with their influencers


This is the second time Alliestraza did something like this or I remember wrongly?

I think it was in a tournament or something and she left at the last moment, because of some drama I don’t remember.

Maybe blizzard should stop promoting Alliestraza (and then it will be accused of being inequal to men and women, NotLikeThis there is no safe escape)


24 Hours is hardly enough time to “give the situation room to breathe”

This was basically Allie (and others) pandering to people and trying to look like a SJW.

The reality is, she (like most other “influencers”) don’t really care about the social issues, they care about the money from their corporate masters.

Don’t believe me… look at how the last “Boycott” against Blizzard went, when Blitzchung got banned.

Blizzard never really apologized for it and they only reduced his ban from 1 year to 6 months. Everybody moved on and forgot about it, they will do the same with this.


Of course they will, what else can they do?
Stop supporting blizzard? Nah, let’s make a spicy drama just for the sake of drama, then I’ll continue playing hearthstone and make money.

If they are really convinced that blizzard is such a monster, they should stop any relations with them in case they are found guilty, otherwise they will openly supporting the same horrible company they are boycotting today

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At the minimum, it brings it to the attention of some people who otherwise might not have known and helps to shine a spotlight on it. The more attention it gets the better.


Well, if that’s what you think… I guess it is kind of a midpoint between acknowledging what is happening but at the same time keep going with their lives, which is not something bad to do.

And I guess that you are in the same train, acknowledging this situation and the Hong Kong situation, but at the same time, you are here asking to see some new cards (and I am in the same page btw).

But if Alliestraza, Lt Eddy and anyone else, think that today they shouldnt show the cards but tomorrow is ok, then thats fine.

card reveal is not important with the situation ongoing

making ppl aware of whats ongoing is more important…and honestly ppl will leave in mass and not give a single bit of care after seeing the report(except maybe kids that dont understand the gravity of the situation)

whats likely gonna happen is jail time for lots of the abusive ppl in there and a possible shut down of the compagny


Hey, maybe they just don’t want to. Go play in traffic. The adults are talking.

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The unfortunate part of this is that there’s a high probability that that many of these allegations have some sort of merit towards them considering the fact that the investigation has been on going for two years.

However, this will obviously be dealt with in a court of law where all parties involved will have the opportunity to present their case and we shall see what will eventually come to pass.

In the mean time, we have to also take into consideration that this is a game, along with all the other titles that Blizzard / Activision has, there will not be fall out that some people may be hope to see. Yes, some streamers may refuse to do card reveals, but there will be some that will, and those who do will be the ones that will benefit from players looking for info on the new expansion.

Sadly even if Blizzard / Activision is found to be guilty of these allegations, they will pay a small fine in comparison to the Billions of dollars they are worth. There will be a shake up in management where people will get fired, Sexual harassments training in the workplace will be mandatory. They may take a slight dip in stock prices, but then when the smoke settles they will be back to raking in the $$ and life will continue and everyone will quickly forget all of this as if it never happened.

Sexual harassment is unfortunate, and it shouldn’t happen. However, a boycott of Blizzard Activision is likely to happen.

Sadly, if they are even remotely guilty, they will probably settle out of court and sweep it under the rug… that’s just the way the system works.

I will be surprised if we hear about this again.

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if you are not a kid (probably you aren’t) give us the example and leave all blizzard games

Virtue signaling: the propaganda machine of our time.


How does it hurt you lol? Its not like because they didn’t reveal it, its being removed from the expansion. Clearly you have fallen into their marketing technique of trickling card reveals out to keep people subjugated to the game. Blizzard dont even need card reveals, they could just reveal themselves or release the expansion with no reveals. They only do it because it allows them to keep a firm grasp on certain players balls to ensure they keep handing over their money to their corporate masters


Blizzard already gets a sh*tstorm of criticism at the moment. Punishing these non-revealers would only make it worse.

These people wouldn’t not defend a company that is so bad for some of their employees. That is their good right and shows they have some morals. OP apparantely doesn’t.