Problem with Card Reveals? Hope people get punished

I have to agree.

These streamers taking a day off work and scoring a bajillion woke points at the same time is brave as hell. So risky and sacrificial of them.

When you really think about it, these streamers who are sitting on hearthstone pillows with Murky Funkopops and Sylvanas posters in the background, and who were so tight with Blizzard that they got blessed with card reveals (and tournament entries, and card bundles, and exposure on the launcher, etc. etc.) — they are perfect judges, juries and executioners for this situation.

The proof of this is that their punishments so far totally fit the horrible crime of workplace sexual harassment. With all their sick Twitter burns and vicious YT vids and refusals to do card reveals in a dying children’s game, some might even say they’re going too far.

The actual victims of sexual harassment must be calling for Blizzard to get mercy right now, like the ending in Braveheart. I just hope when it’s Blizzard’s time to scream “FREEEEEEDOM!” it means FTP.

So yeah, no need for some courtroom judge talking about petty stuff like jailtime and monetary compensation. Lame non-content like that wouldn’t make even make first page on r/livestreamfails.

After all, who wants a judge in a boring black robe vomiting legalese when you could have a judge wearing the latest Varian Wrynn t-shirt 360 no scoping peeps in CoD.

Really activates the almonds.

well Priest set our stander for what to expect from this so i am not shocked by any of this questlines because need Power full stuff to Beat easy Destroy the hero card effect and to end match be be for turn 10 because all time Priest needs to win with right cards

so Shaman get all spells cast twice or Mage 3+ spell damage not as bad when someone can just win by turn 10 with right cards

I think it’s really funny how people are protesting harder against some frat boy stuff in Blizzard than they did against Blizzard trying to run damage control for an authoritarian country that puts political dissidents and cultural minorities in work camps.

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Whataboutism at it’s finest.

Also to the rest. For pity sake, maybe you all whining about “SJW and woke point.” Someone freaking committed suicide due to the harassment. But go on being selfish jerks who knee jerk reaction to someone calling out sexual harassment thinking this is some grand woke conspiracy.


The point a lot of you seem to be missing is that these streamers are not brave and they aren’t doing this because they actually care about whats happening.

They are doing this because it looks good… as soon as this all dies down a bit all of those streamers will be right back in bed with Blizzard and doing events for them again.

When one of these streamers makes a video saying “F Blizzard forever” and they permanently boycott the company and STICK TO IT. Then I will consider them brave.

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there are women who were harmed by this who still work for blizzard. they still have to eat and pay other bills. as a woman who has suffered through the same type of things i am subbed to wow again and have all my hs stuff i will still pay for. ion (for wow) and JAB won’t lose their jobs over people not spending enough. they’ll just fire another 800 innocent people, most of which have been women. think before reacting. vindictiveness doesn’t get us anywhere.

they did apologize during the opening ceremony before blizzcon. i know, because i watched it happen. don’t spread misinformation.

That has little to do with your first post. Some streamers don’t want to show the cards, and that make sense, even Blizzard themselves did not show what they were supposed to reveal. It seems that you are just complaining “because”

What a wonderful world view.

It is actually possible to care about other people AND your livelihood at the same time. But I guess when you surround yourself with people just like you, it’s easy to assume everybody is just as cynical.


meanwhile the women are saying to continue to support blizz, on twitter. cuz MOST of the people including most of the MEN are good people and it’s around 20 or so that need to be removed. to not punish innocent people.

faux outrage helps no one. people need to breathe and look at this from every angle. not just “no one actually cares and blizz is trash anyway”

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You mean Blizzcon 2019 where they basically said “Sorry we didn’t live up to your expectations and we’ll try harder in the future”

that apology?.. sure, sounds legit.

show me a video clip of Blizzard president saying “we were wrong to punish Blitzchung” or any clip mentioning Blitzchung directly.


China factually has thousands of people in concentration camps, but you moved on from that pretty quickly didn’t you? If you got over that and still support this game I’m sure you’ll forget all about this in a week or so and continue playing like nothing happened.

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Classic whataboutism fallacy
Yeah, what is happening to the uyghurs is awful, and I do care. Right now, we are discussing sexual harassment You are trying to derail things. And guess what. I know this must be shocking news for you, but people can care about more than one thing. Totally mind blowing concept /s I can understand if you need a moment to process this revelation.

of course, but if these two things are

  1. blizzard is bad
  2. blizzard is good

Then there is something off.

Like someone who cares about the air pollution and decides to stop giving oil to the companies (forcing people to not use their cars), while he keeps driving his car and getting oil from his own reserve.

In this case, streamers already saw all the cards and they are deciding to not reveal them so WE can make a change (even if it’s not our job to judge the action of blizzard).

I find hilarious that while some of them decided to not reveal their card, they are still making reviews of cards released by other people!
Like, I’m vegan (I’m not, it’s an example), so I don’t support the meat company and I don’t buy their products, but if my friend invites me to a grill party, then I’ll join and eat all the meat that I didn’t buy 5Head

Says more about the type of person you are that you care more about punishing those who won’t reveal cards and less about why blizzard are being sued

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There’s no allegedly about the suicide (unless you want to claim it was actually murder) or the reason for it. The only question is the ability to pin it on the guy.

You don’t seem to realize you’re actually confirming the point that I’m making.

Yeah, you care SO MUCH about Blizzard backing human rights violations that you’re still here playing their games and supporting streams of their games 2 years later. Wow, when you protest you REALLY go hard, huh? Way to stick it to them. I’m sure Blizzard’s regret will be even deeper 2 years after this frat boy scandal when you’re… Still supporting the company with your time and money while complaining that there aren’t enough panracial lesbian disabled people working at the company or something.

Seriously, show them you don’t like what they’re doing by quitting. Hearthstone is an absolutely terrible game now and has been for years. In fact every blizzard game is at a low point right now. You don’t even need authoritarian governments or genocide or sexual harassment to keep you away from their products. But all of that certainly helps.

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entitleddddddd. cmon you’re being a child. This is just a video game. Human lives are far more important. Go throw a tantrum somewhere else.

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As a sign of clear disapproval of what happened Blizzard could add a female hero portrait to Hearthstone that is a fighter for women’s rights and stands against discrimination and is against rape culture and patriarchal slavery.

That is the perfect example of the stuff Blizzard does to appease players when there’s controversy, and in the past it has actually worked.