Priest is unhealthy for the game

oh, I 100% hate that, too!

I feel like you should build a deck and that’s your deck. So much of the current game is idk what cards you have or can have and just have to hope you don’t high roll.

I had a DQA come out of a lackey when I had two cards left in my deck, DQA spawns Ysera Unleashed which filled my board the following turn and GG to my opponent. I won and I felt bad because that should NEVER happen.

Watching mages cheat out 8 spells for less than ten mana then play a 2/2 that refills their hand with new spells.

There are so many broken things, imo. I hate the current rngesus approach.

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that would be so freaking boring

being able to generate cards is the reason i played a lot of priest and rogue when i started (or even played at all )
thx to those classes i got to play with many cards long before i owned them

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Really? I would disagree.

You have no safety net. You get it right or the game is over. There are no comback mechanics, you don’t rez, heal, or steal cards. You play it spot on the first time or someone kills you.

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Y, those games you shrug off and continue. I used to play aggro for fast ranking up, these days I don’t really care anymore. But you can indeed get triggered if you play 25 mins games and someone won by ridiculous rng (aka puzzlebox turn 24). (at least me)

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We have different definitions of boring.

But I would think there would be a middle ground between “your deck is your deck” and the current bullspit “play 50 cards even though you only brought thirty” meta.

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Exept that’s purely subjective, lots of people love playing copy priest.
Granted resurrect is hated by lots of people but considering it’s popularity, it’s reasonnable to think it’s liked by lots of other people.


I will continue running Mindrender Illucia, even if it turns out not to be competitive. Admittedly, in every Priest’s heart rests a well-meaning and innocent troll.

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To be fair, I think it’s the first time priest will get an actual steal card, rather than copy

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Because lots of people are bad at the game, have attention spans that don’t allow them to sit down and play a game that lasts longer than 5 minutes or a combination of the two.

That fact of the matter is that in the history of this game, priest has rarely had tier 1 decks. They’ve far more often been relegated to tier 3 or 4 decks. Yet whiny kids still cry because “they stole my cards!”


Or Reno Jackson.

So why is okay for Mage to rely on random card generation, warlock and paladin able to heal fully, reno decks able to fully heal…but when Priest does any of the above, “it’s unhealthy for the game?”


Yes. Tier 3 or 4 with mechanics that evoke howls from the player base.

My first post here in this thread:

…They need to start over for real and find it a place that isn’t taking everyone else’s cards and tricks. It needs a valid identity and a choice of play styles.

Actually Warlock can still do all this, with Galakrond he even summons those random cards directly on the battelefield:p. Warlock was even worse, he doesn’t even steal, he gives you stuff with treachery!

People hate Priest because the hate vs Priests evolved into a perpetuating meme. Mage can have rng bs but the true scapegoat will always be the “wow” spamming Anduin.

Have you spent any time on this forum or it’s predecessor over the years? If you have, you would know that pretty much anything “evokes howls from the playerbase”. The only condition is that the howler just lost to whatever deck he’s howling about.

But as someone else said, no matter what direction priest has been taken, the noobs still cry. When it was a tempo based dragon deck, they cried. When it’s a slow grindy control deck they cry. When it was a burst combo deck, they cried. Even now when it’s not a particularly good or consistent deck in standard, you guessed it, they’re crying.

As for starting all over and reinventing the class, I hate to tell you but the devs just did that (again). Other than when they made dragons a thing years ago, they’ve never done a particularly good job of it and from what I’ve seen from the new cards, they’ve failed yet again to make this anything other than a meme class.

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I didn’t say aggro decks counter Priests. I say decks who just vomit their hand often lose to Priests (although it would be more accurate to say players who vomit their hand often lose to Priests). You can pressure Priest while holding some resources back to deal with the inevitable removal, and those Priests often struggle against.

True, pressure kills Priests, but that’s true whether you’re talking about aggro, combo (Quest Warlock) or control (Highlander Mage).


Good thing I didn’t assume anyone who plays aggro is an idiot then. My point was precisely that aggro decks require some thought, and players who fail to understand this often lose to Priests precisely because they play thoughtlessly.

Sounds like you’d prefer Hearthstone to be a different game than it is. Or at least, a more limited one. Can’t say I agree.

Yes. Yes, you did…

And I didn’t say you said aggro decks counter priests :slight_smile:

What I said was applying to exactly what you said. Shortened version of what I already said: murloc pally and past pallies with divine favor is an example of deck that “just vomit their hand” that beats priest. While warriors are a class with decks that don’t just vomit their hand, but they are some of the priests’ best matchup right now.

Bollocks. You don’t understand the game if you think murloc paladin isn’t less annoying than priest.

Than Tempo Priest. Read my post. I could have written buff Priest if that is easier to understand.

Again, with the cards they’ve unveiled for priest, applies to tempo priest as well. This coming from someone who liked the old combo.