Priest is unhealthy for the game

It’s not even that priest is OP or has disgusting cards, it’s just infuriating to play against. It’s the only class that I want to insta-concede against just so I don’t have to deal with it. They run all of the same cards, so you know what you’re in for, but still there is no counterplay. They have large health minions, strong removal, and an easy pass into late game.
This is basically the only class that can’t be beat unless you are playing a meta deck, which is not fun for people who like to play casually and learn deck building or try out new cards. Priest has no weakness unless you specifically have it, which is aggro and that’s just annoying over anything else. How can I enjoy playing the game in standard if every other player plays quest priest and heals fully after turn 5 with big taunts and lifesteal or plays res priest which either destroys your deck or removes any kind of pressure you put?


I love playing vs priest because its like 100% win for me as a Rogue lol
Everytime i see a Priest im like : wooo free elo ^^

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Galagronds have messed up some things in standard. For priest it means they can get away with making decks mostly with removal since endless card generating will keep them in game. Without Galagrond countless times priests would have just ran out of stuff to play.

Would’t say priest has no weakness. It is full of them and they can lose against most stuff there is. All it takes is bad draw and opponent being able to keep pressure.

Why priest is bad design is that it is not really winning (or losing) class. All it can currently do is slow control deck and hope.


Priest’s weakness is aggro decks. But personally I find aggro super unfun, and it sucks that in order to win most of my games, I have to play aggro due to priest being so prevalent.

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Priest players, like myself, need to get overthemselfs and realize there class is game breaking op.

Aggro exsits because of priests.


Rogue is definitely an auto-concede for me playing priest. For all the people whining about priest, the patented RNG is working for you. For every game I win as priest, I’m matched against exactly mage, rogue or priest on the very next game.


doesnt control exist because of aggro?


priest is the 5th most played class and the best priest deck is t3…wtf
stop smoking w/e you’re smoking


I’m low elo. It’s extremely prevalent here.

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Which is sad when a third of the deck is removal spells.

Edit: Statistically, DH match is MUCH WORSE for Priest than the Rogue match.

Aggro as a strong and viable CCG concept existed long before Hearthstone did. Heck, it existed before a lot of posters on these boards did. :smiley:


Still not worse than DH. That class is one of the reasons I started playing priest

for me too

i hope priest gets more cards for a dragon priest deck
the class has many good dragons with aeon reaver chrono breaker murozond and skeletal dragon ( generating dragons + 4/9 for 7 mana seems good to me )

Aggro exists because some people just want to build an army and “Hulk Smash!!!”

Control exists for people who want to play a 10-mana card, or maybe several. Maybe they also want to control the game.

I don’t think Priest is unhealthy. If it ever becomes as dominant as Demon Hunter, something that counters it will come along and knock it down. If you don’t like it now, make a deck that can knock a Priest down.


Why, do you want to give free wins to the DHs?

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So I am guessing no one complaining about priest is playing legend level games…because priest isn’t all that.

For those of you who don’t like aggro, why?

And just a thought: I tend to play a couple of really fast decks until I get down in the diamond area because it lets you play more games in the same amount of time. Aggro decks are easy way to get your rewards and then you can play slow decks until the season is over.

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No no, you don’t understand. They don’t think Priest is OP, they just really really hate games that last longer than 10 minutes.


People are just upset because priest now has viable control tools to take control of the match, It punishes face decks, poor trading, and generally anyone who just likes to dump stuff on board and go face. No longer can the average casual just vomit cards and win, you have to actually manage your resources.


They’d really hate things like Odd Warrior then.


Just gotta know the moment you see tyrande or manduin to mulligan for the most aggressive start. Annoying to play against for sure and sometimes they just outvalue you to the moon and back. The wins I do have against them I just beat them up before they do anything meaningful.