Prepare Yourself Adventurer, the Wailing Caverns Mini-Set is Here!

Prepare Yourself Adventurer, the Wailing Caverns Mini-Set is Here!

Explore the Wailing Caverns in Hearthstone’s all-new 35-card Mini-Set!

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Wow, very bad cards. Thank you Blizzard!


Thanks blizz, really nice mini set! Will get it for 2000 gold and use my spare for cardbacks… MY POOOOORRR GOLDDDD XD

what a garbage card set lol is really worth 2k gold?


Both 1-mana weapons look solid as does Man-at-Arms.

The Legendaries don’t look too powerful but still decent.

I’m expecting some complaints about Wave of Apathy into Against All Odds.


It was bound to happen, that priest is getting a control card. I know for sure that i hate it already

Nerf warlock paladin ffs

Outstanding news!!!

Regardless of any opinions, I, or others have about the new set…
I continue to look forward to updates, and sets/mini-sets. As each release alters the play experience of Hearthstone as a whole, I am stoked to begin seeing how the game evolves from the release of Core, and on to the releases that will be introduced throughout the year.
I understand that while the new updates have changed much, in other aspects has changed very little…“The major changes, and Hearthstone as a whole will need time to settle, to transition into what it shall be with the rotating Core sets, and evolving mechanics of each player class.”

I’m intrigued to see what’s next.

I’ll get it, of course. But I’m underwhelmed compared to the last mini set.


When I looked at the cards I was like “not bad, but nothing good either. I probably won’t use more than 2 or 3 of the cards in the set.” Thankfully shaman is getting some good cards, but I still don’t think it’s enough to be viable.

Now everyone can have tech vs combo decks, that comes out on turn 7 xD, That may ruin the world domination plans of celestial druids.(should do some work vs apm and mozaki mage in wild as well as tickatus.)

didnt even think of apathy and theres only 1 1-mana weapon. pally one looks decent but prob wont be run, hunter one is far too slow, but warrior one will do nicely surely

Wondering why they are trying to push the freeze mechanic upon mages… it’s weird.

But I know the majority here hates mages after lunacy so meh whatever. Bit of a weak mini set… not might even bother with it.

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Atleast they dont powercreep it. So there is that.

EDIT: Some classes get basicly nothing others get something decent. Nothing in it except the Druid Legendary seem to be broken so i am happy with that.

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Once again Priest gets the shaft. Fire this development team all ready. Do the Tier 1 decks really need the buffs ffs?


Nerf freaking priests omg…

You need to do your homework if you think Priests are OP.

Check out and look at the meta.

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for a balanced meta?: nerf tickatus, skull of guldan and inquisitor, inchanters flow, gibberling should get chain gang nerf, add good heal or nerf hunter damage, yogg should add random spell of same casting cost to hand that cost zero, Increase cost of hammer that summons 6/6 or maybe summons a 4/4 instead, change priest spell to add a random dragon to hand instead of discover, and rogue has way too much draw.


“Let’s nerf ALL the decks, and then the meta will be balanced”. Sounds like a shaman main lol


why the cards aren’t available??? it’s already june 3


when Death-wing skin will be available for the promo limited time ??? tell me