Prepare Yourself Adventurer, the Wailing Caverns Mini-Set is Here!

good question. maybe midnight? but that would make it June 4th. . . i dunno man…

They’re usually available at noon in my area (12 p.m. EST). That’s when updates are usually live.

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Updates generally happen around 10 AM Pacific time, which is about four hours from now.

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I checked the cards and thought: pretty underwhelming. Some well designed, but nothing really good. I’m not very enthousiastic.

Also, mobile is always slower because of the app stores.

It says limited time. So how long will it be available in shop for 2000 gold? On what date will it be taken off the shelf?

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We don’t know. It’ll probably be until the next expansion like the Darkmoon Races, though.

This mini set seems pretty poor, its like all the worse cards of the expansion they put into the mini-set!

So far this mini-set has not changed / had any impact on the meta at all according to hsreplay. Still early days I suppose but if that stays true what a total fail by the devs, a entire mini-set of cards having zero impact, wow that’s bad!

[vS Data Reaper Report #196 | Vicious Syndicate] vicioussyndicate.con

Well it looks like the mini-set has stirred the standard meta up!

Good! A big boost for Shaman and finally Paladin downgraded a little, seems most Paladin decks are for the time being tier 2 not tier 1 decks.

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how about warlock in standard? Warlock has always been Weak! let’s please think about warlock as well please. warlock was once good only once 3 years ago but now it’s no longer good!! BUFF WARLOCK!!!

And then you remember that everyone is complaining about Tickatus.

That’s all he has “Tickatus” and now with the mini set very difficult to play him hardly you will be alive on turn 7 to play him warlock is very weak! you cannot win constantly with him even in HS reply he is one of worst in terms of WR Tickatus is not enough warlock needs BUFF! and priest as well.

How long will the mini set be available for purchase for 2000 gold? (currently only have 1000 gold so I hope I won’t miss it…)

oh great, thank you!!

anyone knows how long it will be avaliable in the shop?

*I think * it’ll probably be available in the shop for money until right before the next set drops.

lol…called it. totally am a shaman main. Feels awful. I freaking hate doomhammer…“ooze or lose.” I also prefer control decks…

Control strategy (not combo)
how to beat shaman (good shaman): draw ooze
how to beat warlock: draw mutanus or voljin their tickitus
how to beat druid: They draw bad
how to beat priest: play super greedy deck that loses to aggro
how to beat warrior: play super greedy deck that loses to aggro
how to beat hunter: play super heal deck that loses to control
how to beat mage: play deck with apprentices and ogres that loses to everything else and hope they draw bad.
how to beat demon hunter: combo version is hopeless, inquistior needs multiple taunt body lots of heal.
Rogue has to draw bad/play bad.

it just seems like, at least for me, that games are decided more by who your matched up against and if you had/drew your opponents kryptonite rather than gameplay.

Even with aggro, do they have school spirits, devolving missles, hysteria, bladestorm. if so i lose, if no i win. turn 2 or 3 sometimes. Is that fun? meaningful?

not trying to upset anybody, sorry for flinging my salt everywhere.
Salty shaman hearthstones for Paladin…i mean for doomhammer , unless you have/draw ooze.

When will the 2k gold deal be over? I’m like 70g short by now…

Thanks beforehand!