Play button greyed out


Since Patch came out, I’ve had a problem where the “Play” button for Hearthstone is sometimes greyed out (often after I switch to Hearthstone after playing WOW). The tooltip says that I have to be logged in to play the game but I AM logged in! The only ways I’ve found to fix this is to exit and restart, or to manually log out and then log in again. This is annoying. I don’t know if this is a Hearthstone problem or a problem but since it only impacts Hearthstone, I thought I’d start here.


I have this same issue. If I end a wow session and want to play HS the button is grayed out and I have to log out log in to play.


I’m having this exact problem also. It is quite bothersome.


I am also having the same issue as described. I saw a blue responded earlier as if it was an isolated offline mode issue, but it’s not. Eventually, at the top under your icon it says it’s looking for a connection or something to this effect, and even though it seems to be logged in for every other game Hearthstone will not load until you log out and in or restart your client.

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Thanks for the reports! Let’s move this over to this thread to keep reports and discussion centralized. Closing this thread!