Patch 18.6 Known Issues

Hey everyone,

We’ve disabled Battlegrounds Parties due to a critical bug affecting player MMR. We’ll update here once we’ve got Battlegrounds Parties back online.

We’re also aware that players who have not unlocked the Demon Hunter class can get stuck in a Duels run when trying to play as Star Student Stelina. The current workaround is to complete the Demon Hunter Prologue and fully unlock the class. We are looking into a fix for this, and the following bugs in Duels:

  • Turalyon, the Tenured can be offered empty loot buckets.
  • Book of the Dead does not count enemy minions that have died.

Let us know if you’ve encountered other bugs since downloading the new patch!

10/22 Update: We’re currently deploying a hotfix that will address the Battlegrounds Parties and Star Student Stelina bugs. Battlegrounds Parties will be re-enabled after the hotfix has gone live. The hotfix will take place on the server side, so you will not need to download anything if you’ve already updated to the 18.6 patch.

10/23 Update: We’ve got a few more bug fixes that will go out in another server-side hotfix planned for later today -

  • Fashion week has started in Duels and Robes of Gaudiness are now officially out of style. (Robes of Gaudiness has been removed from the passive Treasure pool.)

  • Loot buckets will now populate properly when playing as Turalyon, the Tenured in Duels.

  • Ranked Floors in Battlegrounds will now work as intended.

10/23 Update #2: We’ve encountered an issue with the ranked floor fix for Battlegrounds mentioned above. We’re now planning to ship that fix separately next week. Thanks for your patience!

10/24 Update: We’ve run into a few more issues that have prevented us from deploying the hotfix for Robes of Gaudiness and Turalyon, the Tenured to all regions. We’ll update here once the hotfix has been successfully deployed for everyone.

10/24 Update #2: The hotfix for Robes of Gaudiness and Turalyon, the Tenured is now live in all regions.

10/27 Update: We’ve deployed a server-side hotfix for Battlegrounds ranked floors. Ranked floors in Battlegrounds will now work as intended when queueing with a group.


Hunter was getting identical loot buckets.

Not just the same bucket group, but 3 identical cards in both buckets.

Also, as Druid and DH was getting almost identical buckets. Just 1 card different. And in both cases, it was just a different 1 drop.

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Battleground parties still not live? Can’t play with my wife even though we are under 6000 mmr

I have noticed that the special treasure Caltrops or whatever it is called, which deals 1 damage to first minion played, sometimes deals the 1 damage to EVERY minion played, not just the first one. Also, the animation of the caltrops being placed is kinda misleading, because the animation always happens on your opponents side of the board, even when he is the one who has the caltrops.

After the 18.6 update, I cannot complete several quests that don’t include the “play 3 games with x class” when playing against friends.

I added an Impish Aid to my deck but wasn’t able to remove it when I changed my mind. I could remove everything else just not that card.

I see nothing to address the fact that we cannot get our quests done when playing against friends. There are several complaints lodged, but it hasn’t been addressed. Please don’t forget long time “regular game” players while spending all of your resources on new modes of play. Thank you.

Have noticed the same problem of not being able to complete quests.

I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I got the treasure “pillage the fallen” which re-equips a new weapon of the same cost when the first is destroyed.

I equipped warglaives of azzinoth as demon hunter, used my hero power and killed 3 minions to get 3 second slice, then I used all 3 to use my last hit on the opponent’s face thinking I would get another 6-cost weapon, but my weapon disappeared and nothing was re-equipped.

The only thing I can think of is that warglaives are not in the regular pool of weapons you can draft when creating a deck nor is there any other 6-cost weapon so maybe “pillage the fallen” only searches for weapons which are initially available rather than collected later on through the duel run?

There’s a bug that some of us on this forum have mentioned but for some strange reason it doesn’t seem to have been picked up by the devs at hearthstone. Battlecries are not working properly for at least some people using iOS & android devices. Battlecry cards that target a minion can no longer be targeted. You go to use the drag feature but nothing happens, the battlecry is cancelled & the card is returned to your hand.


Can confirm I’ve seen 4 different topics about the battlecry bug on mobile phones, it makes the game litterally unplayable :confused:


No Answer no Commend at all . It is fustrating :frowning:

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