Duel Buckets are a joke

Never did I seen the option to only choose 1 bucket and the other two are just empty. :expressionless:

We’re you playing as Turalyon? Because apparently he’s bugged.

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Yeah I was and I didn’t know he was bugged so it was odd.

I wonder why turalyon has a draw bucket with 3x
pprince malchezar

Duels are a joke - I get same 2/3 buckets as well, and pallys, though paint dry as always, have rez.
The game has 3 tiers for heroes and treasures: tier S, tier 2, and garbage. I haven’t seen robes once, but the damn cat every other one. I have tons of BC or DR, I get the other. Then I did get what I need and it became easy climb with mage and shaman (spell cost reduction + spell damage)
If this was more unbalanced it’d basically be Huntertaker all over again.