Open Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Packs at Home at Your Own Pre-Release Fireside Gathering!

Open Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Packs at Home at Your Own Pre-Release Fireside Gathering!

It’s almost time to visit the Darkmoon Faire!

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Can you just give away Nemsy in the store again during these events?

Having people over for a private gathering during a pandemic is not wise and I do not want to obtain her by creating a bunch of accounts that will never be used again and logging in on multiple devices.


Why isn’t there a way to remotely join fireside gatherings? This would be dangerously close to a tournament mode with a little support… Blizz love what everything you’re doing… plz implement this! Fireside Gatherings desperately needs an update!


If you pre ordered the expansion, are you still eligible to win a mega bundle?

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If they did this, streamers would create events until someone makes one that is more popular than the hearthstone world champs or whatever it’s called and that could save blizzard a ton of money lol.

Not sure how they would feel about that though. Maybe they would get upset about being overshadowed.

Why do I need to put my address for a one person event?

So, hypothetically, if I were hosting a private fireside gathering, would someone on the same Wi-Fi be able to access it as well? Just for clarity, my girlfriend and I live together so no social distancing issues, just trying to figure out if we both need to have gatherings going concurrently.

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I just tried this 8am est time and it wouldn’t let me open my packs. what am i doing wrong?

November 13 at 10:00 a.m. PT – November 15 at 10:00 a.m. PT

Apparently a lot of people including myself did their F.G. in the morning when you can’t even open the packs. oops.

Why can’t we open packs? I been trying but nothing.


me2, why we cant open these packs?


So, sitting here with my friend looking to open packs. It’s the 13th so why can’t we open them?

So im also sitting here with my friend and we both did our own fireside gathering event but we cant open our packs?
i saw streamers opening theirs… please help

you can’t open em till 3pm EST

But in the news post it just says 13th to 15th with out any time restriction and 10am farther down. Nowhere does it say anything about 3pm

Edit: Actually, it’s past 3pm EST now and I still can’t open anything.

For me it was 10am (2 hours ago).

Did you register a fireside gathering?

I think this is the problem everyone thinks you can open em without a FSG

I registered a fireside gathering to start at 4:30. It’s now 4:51 and the packs aren’t available to me yet.


I registered mine for 5pm and now 5:10pm and can’t open mine…