Open Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Packs at Home at Your Own Pre-Release Fireside Gathering!

у меня тоже не получается, почему?

EDIT: I found the problem everyone! You have to register then in game click on friends and click fireside


Thank you! After googling for hours. This was the issue.

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We had a Fireside Gathering registered just fine. We were able to enter the FSG menu and everything. Just not open the packs.
No idea, at some point the gathering closed and I still have my unopened packs. Was a complete waste of a day just trying to open some packs.

Anybody succeeded in making a established tavern to unlock Nemsy? I made a tavern and have 3 other accounts checked in but no Nemsy. Also still not establishment though.

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Last expansion I did this and opened my packs early, I had sooo much bad luck! Never had such a bad pack opening experience. I am scared to open them early now.

I’ve had 3 cardpacks pending since over the weekend and it says "available in November? What am I doing wrong here?

I bought a mega pack yesterday and opened it, but it did not give gold legandry and it would open in 17, but I don’t see anything.

you get it in 5 hours 17 minutes