Next on the Docket: The Maw and Disorder Mini-Set!

Next on the Docket: The Maw and Disorder Mini-Set!

After the Murder at Castle Nathria, Sylvanas has been brought before the Jailer to answer for her crimes. What crimes, you ask? Well, there have been many. Watch the trial unfold in the all-new Maw and Disorder Mini-Set!

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Hope it’s good.

I have to buy runestones if don’t want to use gold? Why can’t I just buy the set with real money anymore? Buying runestones for a mini set just makes HS feel gross.


Dew Process.

Lol, i know why i deleted my collection. This game is so dead


What about the reward track? Do we have, until Tuesday to buy the, Murder in the Castle, rewards?

Another tone-deaf post from the good folks at Activizzard

I have a pretty good idea as to what you guys can do with your “Mini-set” though.


Nah, that’s until the end of the expac.

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uh what defintion of tone deaf are you using ?

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I can ALREADY tell that the totem spell needs a nerf before they launch it.


it’s actually cheaper to buy runestones. I honestly don’t mind.

Just work out what bundle is cheapest in your area and buy that. for me in the UK I just buy the 500 rune bundle in multiples and it saves me a lot in the long run.


Maybe I’m not right but Imo it’s same. In EU, the price of previous mini-set was 14,99 euros. The price of 1500 runestones is 14.99 euros.

Still a better trial story than She-hulk :smiley: Anyway why are you promoting these things as actual “stories” ? “Watch the trial unfold …” was same with Nathria - would it kill you to at least make a comic or a short story or something with this setup ?

Isn’t there a sticky post about mercenaries up top, dated yesterday?

I just refreshed the News page and don’t see the post you mean.

I don’t know about the news page, but either of these two things should get it for you:

  • be on community discussions forum, with the “latest” tab selected. Look for the first stickied item.
  • click on the Blizz Tracker tab in the forums
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I see it in the forums, thank you for the advice. I have never used the forums to find News before, I’ll start. I’ll delete my original post since my concerns were answered.

It’s funny people still think you will be able to buy mini sets with gold. Those days are gone, better start squeezing some blood out now!

The official announcement clearly states you can buy the mini set for 2000 gold or 1500 runestones. I’m sure you think you have good reasons to be angry about whatever you’re angry about, but trying to spread misinformation is not the way to deal with it.

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Will the Murder at castle Nathria achievements be reseted at the mini-set release ? Or will the new achievement be simply added ?

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New cards = New Bugs… Hooray!!!

I am looking forward to seeing what new bugs last for over a month :wink:

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